Technology is Very Useful – Basic Explanation and Reason – 2020

Nowadays technology has become our need in daily life because technology is very useful. Technology has connected us to every single person, whether they are far from us, near us, known and unknown.

The tech companies have given us many features to use some trending technologies like Internet connectivity, smartphones, some applications, social media, and even more. These are the technologies, which make our lives meaningful, and we don’t even understand it. We use computers, Smart devices so we could make our work simple and easy. There are a lot of examples of technology that we use in our daily life.

Why Technology is very useful in our lives

So, here in this article, we will know some best practices and reasons, why technology is very useful in our lives.

Work From Home

Every day, going to 9 o’clock in the morning, coming home at 8 o’clock in the evening and then being engaged in household work, this method has become old for people. Now they need rest as well as work. Work From Home is the best way for employers as well as for Business.

A lot of employees work in a business and the company has to bear the daily expenses along with their monthly payments, such as transport, flats, canteens and even more. The company gets benefits from work from home.

These days, when the entire world is shut down due to coronavirus disease (COVID-19), most employees started working at home. Now we can guess how important this technology is for us and how much matter it does in our life.

Benefits From It

You can do your work from anywhere, whether you are at home, you are traveling, you are on vacation or in any corner of the country.

Social Media

Almost all are the users of social media applications whether that is Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube, and even more. They spend lots of time using these applications. Social Application helps us in many ways, people use social media for personal as well as professional. Technology has improved our lifestyle because it helps us to connect with more peoples and communication. We use Google Duo, Skype, and other communication apps to improve our knowledge and interact with peoples. Businesses use social media for marketing. They target the audience through social media and sell products.


Technology has completely changed our education system. Technology has a way to improve the education system. Schools and Universities are also using and promoting it. Teachers use projectors, Virtual Reality to teach students.

Nowadays schools and colleges are providing smart classes (online class via ZOOM app) to teaching their students. This is also a part of the technology that impacts our life.


In earlier times, farmers used to do all the work of farming with their hands, but in today’s time, a lot of technology has come in the agriculture sector too. People need grains and this is possible only by farming. Farmers have lots of machines which help them in farming. They use drones to splash water in the field.

Farmers have lots of problems related to farming especially in India like they lose their grains because of weather change and they do have enough money to do again. Then, they suicide.

Our government is helping farmers so they could grow grain even more than before and make a better future.


By using technology, the medical industry has also become better. There are many tools that make the work even easier. Such tools like stethoscopes, x-ray scanner, disease detector, smart inhalers, 3-D printing, Virtual Reality, nuclear technology, and even more.

Today, every industry now uses Artificial Intelligence to make its way even better. The medical industry also uses artificial intelligence. They use robots as a doctor to do operations or surgery.


In conclusion, Technology has become our need now and we cannot end it even if we want to. Technology now manages our lives. It has given a positive impact on society and helped us to know some best innovations which we would never have known without technology.

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