Why is Machine Learning Important Today? Is it Future?

Ok, when I first started studying machine learning, I thought, why am I learning it? why is machine learning important today? What is happening with the help of machine learning technology, what will be its important role in the future, due to which machine learning is getting so much importance.

Is machine learning so important today because it is affecting our daily life or are we dependent on this technology?

In this post, you will get to know every reason why machine learning is important? but before getting into that section, let’s discuss what is machine learning basically?

What is Machine Learning?

Machine Learning is the subset of artificial intelligence. It refers to a system that has the ability to learn itself from the data and able to make accurate predictions without being explicitly programmed.

It is an area of computational science that aims to create a technology that has the capacity to learn, the ability to make decisions, the ability to inquire. Just like humans do.

The Importance of Machine Learning Today

If we are talking about machine learning, then we should consider that we are talking about computer intelligence which will be perfect in every aspect than humans.

The only precious thing on the Internet is data (the work we do on the internet) and this world is filled with a lot of data. Data that you search for on the Internet, your images, videos, and more. And it is growing faster, not even slowing down.

Well, machine learning is important because this technology can be important for companies that are doing enhancements and implementations from their competitive companies using their customer’s data. In today’s time(in a digital world), if any startup or business starts and does not use machine learning technology, then its company is incomplete.

The journey of machine learning has continued to grow from time to time. How? Let’s go back in time, in the year 1950, The Turing Test approach, from where machine learning- the subset of artificial intelligence was gaining a new direction.

The Turing Test Approach

The Turing test, proposed by Alan Turing in his famous paper “Computing Machinery and Intelligence“, talks about a question that is also asked in today’s time, “Can Machine Learning Think?”

But he suggests that instead of asking whether machines can think, we should ask if machines can pass a behavioral intelligence test. And this question came to be called the Turing test.

why is machine learning important

In simple language, the Turing test was designed to provide a satisfactory operational definition of intelligence. A computer passes the test if a human interrogator, after passing some written questions, cannot tell whether the written responses came from a person or from a computer.

Apart from all these, there are some tech companies that use machine learning in a very good way. And if seen, somehow these technologies are connected to our daily life.

Real-World Examples of Machine Learning

Now if there is any field or industries other than technology, machine learning is relevant, if it is digital. Whether it can be the Medical field, Agricultural field, stock market, and more. Here are some real-world examples of machine learning that we use in our daily life.

1. Google Translate

Everyone loves to travel around the world but it is hard for them to communicate in their native languages. This problem happens with everyone and to fix this problem, we use Google Translate.

Assume, You are in a foreign country, you ask the waiter for the delicious topping on the food. You use google translate. You talk to your friends, who live in a foreign country(France), you use google translate.

The Machine Learning algorithm that google translate use is “Google Neural Machine Translation“. A neural network for machine translation. It supports thousands of words, languages that convert into a language that you want.

2. Image Recognition

Image recognition is now one of the most commonly used applications in the real world. It recognizes people, places, objects, etc. The machine learning algorithm that it uses is image processing algorithms to analyze any digital images in pixels.

In other words, After working on pattern recognition, machine learning algorithms recognize the data of that digital images. if you daily unlock your phone using face unlock (facial recognition) technology, basically you are using machine learning.

 A Spanish bank Caixa bank becomes the first bank to implement facial recognition to their ATMs which authenticate the people, enabling them to withdraw money without having a card or PIN. Other uses of image recognition are Drones, Forest Activities, and more.

3. Intelligent Virtual Assistant

Most people are not aware that virtual assistants, voice recognition in their smartphones are features of machine learning technology. Google Assistant, Alexa, Siri, and Cortana are popular virtual assistants (voice recognition) that we use in our daily life.

These intelligent virtual assistants use the term deep neural network to implement voice recognition systems. It can mimic conversation just like humans.

In Google Assistant, If you turn on the feature “Voice Activity” then google will improve the performance of your google assistant.

4. Product Recommendation

Have you ever received a recommended layout or notification from eCommerce websites or applications? While scrolling down about your product on eCommerce websites, you must have seen or clicked on, but you will never have noticed.

Such recommendations like- “Recommended deals for you”, “Customer who viewed this item also viewed these products, “What other items do customers buy after viewing this item?”, and many more.

product recommendation
source:- amazon.in

All these recommendations are because of machine learning. It suggests you based on the patterns of what you are searching for, additional products to buy with that product.

If I talk about Amazon, It uses your browsing history to keep eye on you for that product. It displays you the related product that has great ratings and reviews or best-selling product.

Note that whenever you are buying a product, after adding “Add to Cart” Amazon will recommend you to buy a case or screen protector or headphones with that product. Using Machine Learning, Its focus is just that, you buy a package rather than one product.

5. Social Media

If machine learning is being used in the best way, then it is social media. If you want to use social media for 5 to 10 minutes, but you spend hours without even knowing it. Using machine learning technology, companies want you to spend more time on his platform(Facebook, Instagram) than you do.

When you are about to post your picture with your friends on Facebook, before mentioning your friend’s name on that image, Facebook tags the name of that person in the image.

You wonder how does Facebook knows that person’s name. Yes, this is due to the implementation of machine learning algorithms (using our data, like- images, clips, etc).

Machine Learning in the Future

Machine Learning is now one of the vast and remarkable technology in the field of artificial intelligence. What will be its future, we come to know only from the realization that this technology is not yet fully developed, but it has already improved our lives.

In this video, Sundar Pichai talked about the future of machine learning in which you will get to know different aspects of this technology.

According to Google “Machine Learning is the future” and “This future is going to be very bright. Now, as humans are getting accustomed to machines. So this shows that a new revolution is coming in the world. The Future of machine learning is on the way.

How to start Machine Learning?

Now, if you are a beginner here or have some experience, but looking for how to learn machine learning from a valuable or certified platform, then consider these courses that I have mentioned below.

A book that I would suggest where you will get everything about python. You must have this book, otherwise, you may buy it now.

If you are unable to study these topics separately then the second I would suggest you to buy a book called Mathematics for Machine Learning.

This book will make you understand the fundamental tools needed to understand machine learning. This book includes all four topics.

Now you should start studying machine learning courses from a certified platform. So that in the future you can get a job or share it on LinkedIn.

Well, there is a set of materials available on the Internet from where you can study machine learning. It’s your choice to choose either this set of materials or your own searched materials.

Now, as you have known that why is machine learning important today. If you know more such facts, then put your thoughts in the comment section.

Thank You.

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  1. Machine Learning is an amazing artificial intelligence tool which is pervasive in applications by being integrated in solutions requiring static and real-time intelligence.

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