What is Deep Learning? Where to learn it?

Understanding the term “Learning” is quite confusing. Many people often get confused about Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning that it is different or the same. Well, these all are the same technology. Deep Learning is the subset of machine learning, and machine learning is the subset of Artificial Intelligence. These are connected.

AI subfield

Artificial Intelligence, that aims to create a machine that can think, learn, react in the same way, as humans do.

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Machine Learning, that learns from given data and then applies a to make good decisions.

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Deep Learning which is a part of machine learning, also applies to make decisions with the help of data but with a very large amount of data(tons of data) s compared to machine learning.

Today in this article, we will explore what is deep learning and where to learn it?

What is Deep Learning?

Deep Learning is a field of machine learning that is based on mimics the behavior of the human brain, learning things using an artificial neural network (ANN). This artificial neural network is designed the same as a human’s neural network(neurons).

The Artificial Neural Network(ANN) has three types of layers 1). Input layer 2). hidden layer 3). output layer. Deep learning is said to be ‘deep‘ because of its structure of hidden layers. Prior to deep learning, there were only two layers that are difficult to solve complex problems. In deep learning, there are about 100+ hidden layers that constitute building larger networks. It has the potential to solve complex problems. Deep learning techniques learn with the help of these layers. This technology aims that it can learn everything itself the same as humans learn.

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Where to learn it?

This question is not so complicated but it makes us think about which platform is best to learn deep learning and where we will get it. if you will search the word “deep learning tutorial” you will find lots of content on internet.

Now, the question is which one is best for us to learn in a smart way, and would we get the actual experience and knowledge that we want.

So, here we have chosen some best tutorials and platforms where you can learn it in an effective way.

NOTE:- As I told you, deep learning is an advanced form of machine learning. So you need to learn machine learning first.


nptel - noc iitm


This is the first course from where you can start learning a deep learning course. You can find it on youtube, where you will get a playlist of the deep learning course of 118 videos.

Prof. Mitesh M. Khapra from the Indian Institute of Technology Madras has introduced this course that is totally free. Many users have given the best review on this course.

2. Complete Road Map To Prepare Deep Learning – Krish Naik

complete roadmap to learn deeplearning

Complete Road Map – Krish Naik

This is another platform where you can learn the basics of Deep Learning. This video is represented by Krish Naik, who is Data Scientist by profession. In his youtube channel, he has given solutions related to Data scientist, Data analyst, etc. It has 58 videos in his playlist and has provided you in a simple language so everyone could learn efficiently.

3. DeepLearning.ai by Andrew Ng

deeplearning specialization

DeepLearning.ai by Andrew Ng

This is the best platform if you want to learn it from scratch to advanced. This is the most recommended platform all over the internet. You can also get this course on Coursera but it is paid.

If you want to read Artificial Intelligence and have not heard the name of Andrew Ng, it cannot be. Andrew Ng, who is brilliant in the field of Artificial Intelligence and the founder of Coursera, has introduced this course.

Best book for Deep learning

Many people prefer reading books to watching tutorials. But If you have watched deep learning tutorials, still I will say that you read this book i.e. Deep Learning by Ian Goodfellow. Top universities in the world prefer this book. I don’t think anyone has read deep learning but hasn’t read this book.

If you wanna buy this book,

Well, These are the best courses to learn in an effective way. That’s all here, If you have any questions please let me know in the comment section.

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