Artificial Intelligence: Definition and Categorization

Artificial Intelligence(AI)

AI(Artificial Intelligence) the intelligence which is made by the human. If we Split the words Artificial and Intelligence, we would get it as a non-natural and ability to understand, think, and learn.

The term Artificial Intelligence, we can define it in many ways:-


  • It is a machine that is programmed to think, learn, react like humans.
  • AI(Artificial Intelligence) which is a branch of computer science, deals with the simulation of intelligence in computers, which means that it can work as human intelligence.

How much do we know about Artificial Intelligence:-

Actually, we people don’t know much about it, but when we listen to the term Artificial Intelligence, we only think about the robots, a personal assistant as we watch in an Artificial Intelligence movie and an Artificial Intelligence Poster, but it is not the truth, because that all are an illusion. Our scientists and programmers are trying to make it real so that we people can use this technology. Artificial intelligence has mainly 7 types based on the basis of its stages and functions.

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Artificial Intelligence makes it possible for the machine to learn anything, perform as a human does. Artificial Intelligence is teaching the machine, as machines could get smart, even more than humans. Each day technology is getting more powerful, and the day is not far when only Artificial Intelligence will be there. Many of the Industries, Businesses are using AI to implement their performance and growth.

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These AI can be in a different way, as we use in our daily life, even that all are not a robot, but we consider them in a term Artificial Intelligence like ALEXA, GOOGLE ASSISTANT, SIRI and CORTANA and even much more. In other words, They are our part of life. We do most of the work with this Artificial Intelligence.

Understanding Artificial Intelligence:-

Let’s talk to the basic, most common tool that we use in our everyday life (smartphone) to learn something or entertain ourselves, this is where Artificial Intelligence begins. For Instance,

  • AI Mode in Camera, that detect AI beautification and even more features.
  • Google developed Google Lens, an image recognition technology. It detects a piece of relevant information that scans using a camera related to any objects. Actually, Google uses AI.
  • Your personal assistant that helps you a lot to do some small task. Now in the coming tomorrow, you can get your assistant to do some more big tasks using google duplex.

Some more examples where users, businesses use AI like, Your digital Assistant, Self-driving cars, Google Search Engine, Google Translator, etc.

Artificial Intelligence is a technique that uses machines to work and behave like humans, many sectors like HealthCare, Marketing, Business Analytics, etc are using AI. However, we use AI in our daily life. It has become so general but we do not realize that we use it all the time.

“Have you ever wondered? How Google search engine work, how Google is able to give you such accurate results or how Facebook, Instagram always gives you content or ads based on your interest, it is Artificial Intelligence used here.”

In 1955, there was a proposal, a proposal for the Dartmouth summer research project on Artificial Intelligence, that defines seven dimensions of AI.

  1. Copy Higher functions of the human brain.
  2. Programming a computer to use the general language.
  3. Arranging hypothetical neurons in a manner so that they can form concepts.
  4. A way to determine and measure the complexity of a problem
  5. Self-Improvement
  6. Education:- Defined as the quality of dealing with ideas.
  7. Abnormality and Creativity

Categorization of Artificial Intelligence:-

Artificial Intelligence is divided into two main categories:-

strong ai and weak ai
  • Strong AI

Strong Artificial Intelligence is an Intelligence system that can surpass the Human Intelligence. They can do every single thing that humans can do such as take their own decision, react, and can love. For instance, the best ways to express Strong AI is Self-Driving cars.

  • Weak AI

Weak Artificial Intelligence is an Intelligence system that can only act. For instance, the best ways to express Weak AI is Personal Assistant such as Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, Google’s Google Assistant, Microsoft’s Cortana. We ask the questions to the Assistant and they answer it. Games on the computer in which we people play against the computer.


In conclusion, AI is evolving day by day to benefit many different industries. Now AI is going to be studied separately in the school too, So you can understand its importance in the future. Nowadays AI is being used everywhere. It is totally true that in the future we will be surrounded by Artificial Intelligence.

I hope you have understood about Artificial Intelligence. If you have any questions, let me know in the comment section.

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