7 Types of AI based on Stages and Functions

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, which is the future of this whole world, as said. AI is possibly one of the most knowledgeable inventions of humanity because it has challenged many things. For instance, it would replace humans from the job, it would rule on humans.

We all are already using AI most of the time, without even realizing it. Scientists and programmers have implemented mobile Applications and Softwares that we people use every day. But these AI are classified into many different types, that you must know.

According to the Stages of AI, It is divided into three categories:-

Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI)

Artificial Narrow Intelligence is the stage of AI where it can perform only that actions or work, that it is programmed to do. Now this time most of the AI comes in this category. This AI is also known as Weak AI.

In addition, It can only copy human actions. These types of Artificial Intelligence mostly work and are designed for humans by humans.

Above all, the best example of Artificial Narrow Intelligence is Google’s “Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, Microsoft’s Cortana, Self Driving Cars”, and much more.

Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)

Artificial General Intelligence means that types of AI where machines will effect or competent humans, they will have the ability to think and make decisions just like humans do. These types of AI is also known as Strong AI.

It can perform more complex tasks like solving book problems and would have multi-functional capabilities.

Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI)

Artificial Super Intelligence, means that computers or machines, who will surpass(crack) human intelligence. Currently, This is the final stage of AI. In other words, It can do everything that humans do, even it will learn everything faster than humans.

We only think that human intelligence is everything because humans can do every single thing, but if ASI comes in this world, then we would be nothing.

These types of Intelligence will be able to “feel”. This is the only intelligence that raises a bundle of questions like, will it destroy us, will it rule on this earth, can our future be in danger, etc. Well these AI is only present in Imaginations or Illusions, as we have watched in science fiction movies like Vision, Ultron from Avengers movie.

According to the functions of AI, it is categorized into four different types:-

Reactive Machine AI

The machines that can only react is a reactive machine. This Reactive machine AI has no memory, and only responds to different excitement. These AI machines have a limited capability, and they copy the human mind’s ability to respond to different excitement.

Reactive Machine AI includes that machine which is based on the present data. These machines cannot guess from their own data to define their future actions.

An Example of Reactive Machine AI is the famous IBM’s (International Business Machines) chess program that defeated world champion chess master Gary Kasparov in 1997.

Limited Memory AI

Limited Memory machines are machines that have the capability the same as reactive machines, and also it has the capability to learn from his historical data to make decisions.

This AI can take decisions from past data by studying from his memory. This Artificial Intelligence has a temporary based memory that can be used to store past experience and then take future actions.

An Example of Limited Memory AI is self-driving cars. It uses the data collected in the recent past to take instant actions. The Chatbots application is also a part of Limited Memory AI.

Theory of Mind AI

Theory of Mind Artificial Intelligence, It is a more advance type of Artificial Intelligence. It will be able to better understand their emotions, thoughts process, and their needs so that human believes and thoughts can be better understood.

Theory of Mind AI is the next level of the Artificial Intelligence system. This AI is considered to play a role in psychology.

The research is happening in Theory of Mind AI, for now, it is still developing. If it would get developed, then this AI will understand and react to human emotions and their thoughts.

Self-Aware AI

You can imagine by the word Self-Aware, and now we have functions of AI, Self Aware Artificial Intelligence. It is the final stage of Artificial Intelligence.

Self-Aware AI currently exists in only the imagination world. It includes that intelligence that has their own consciousness (same ha human mind) and could become Self-Aware

This type of AI does not exist in real life, but that day is not so far, where we can achieve these types of super Intelligence. If Self-Aware AI boosts in the future, then every illusion would be real that we see in a science fiction movie, etc.

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