Top Artificial Intelligence Research Labs in the World

Artificial intelligence is the field that is being used in every industry. It helps to leverage the development and growth of industries. Research scientists are doing research in their labs and bring innovation to move the industry forward. There are many research development happening in Artificial intelligence. Here, I have listed the top AI labs in the world. Please note that the list is not in sequence.

Artificial Intelligence Research Labs

1. Alan Turing institute

Alan Turing Institute is a national institute for artificial intelligence and data science headquartered in British Library, London. It comprises around 13 universities and the UK engineering and physical science research council. It helps to make the United Kingdom the best place in the world for AI and data science research in terms of collaboration and business.

You can visit their site:- Recently there are working in Covid-19. They have done a partnership with Accenture to conduct AI and data science research. News gets updated every week.

2. J.P. Morgan A.I. research lab

J.P. Morgan company is one of the top investment banks in the world. The company has an A.I. research lab- J.P. Morgan A.I. research lab. It is based in New York.

Its objectives are to explore the advanced stage of research in the areas of machine learning and artificial intelligence as well as other areas such as Cryptography, to extract optimal solutions that are most effective to the organization’s clients and businesses. They do primary research related to financial and banking services.

You can visit this link:- JPMorgan artificial intelligence insights. They bring up solutions that are pretty much amazing. If you want to collaborate with them, you can drop a mail.

3. Oxford Machine Learning research Group

Oxford ML research group has done extensive research. This group is located at the University of Oxford consists of like-minded groups led by local faculty. It is a minor group of information engineering (Department of engineering).

You can check their website:- You can see on their site, like what kinds of projects they are working on, their publications, etc? The group is interested in ML methodology and problems in science, engineering, commerce, and many more.

4. LIVIA(Laboratory of Imaging, Vision and Artificial Intelligence)

The Laboratory of Imaging, Vision, and Artificial Intelligence is a research group accredited by ETS which is located in Montreal. LIVIA especially focuses on computer vision. There are many other disciplines where they work. Those disciplines are:-

  • Machine learning
  • computer vision
  • Pattern recognition
  • adaptive and intelligent systems
  • information fusion
  • optimization of complex systems

The way the LIVIA group solves the problems is amazing. For example, detect tumors and depression of patients using CNN(convolutional neural network). They have been worked on many applications like biometrics, analysis of medical, satellite, security and surveillance, etc.

You can visit their website:-

5. Microsoft research lab-AI

Microsoft is one of the giant companies in the world. This research AI lab uses machine learning in a different way to encourage people and organizations. It brings together the talent across the Microsoft research to deliver innovation in AI.

The research and development initiative integrates the improvement in machine learning with innovations in human-computer interaction, computer vision to fix some of the problems in AI.

Here is the website link:- On this website, you can see a lot of research they are doing. Here you will be provided datasets and code also.

6. Berkeley AI Research Lab

The AI research lab joins with UC Berkeley professors and researchers across the fields of computer vision, machine learning, Natural language processing, control, and robotics.

Over 50 faculty and more than 300 graduate students and post-doctoral researchers work in the laboratory. They do research on fundamental improvements in the above areas.

These include multi-modal deep learning, human-compatible, and connecting AI with other scientific disciplines and humanities. BAIR (Berkeley AI research lab) also provides courses, textbooks, seminars that you can enroll in.

7. MIT computer science and artificial intelligence laboratory

MIT CSAIL(computer science and artificial intelligence laboratory) is the biggest on-campus laboratory for artificial intelligence and computer science. A number of semi-autonomous research groups organize the research activities, each of which is lead by one or more professors or research scientists.

These groups are divided into different areas of research:-

  • AI
  • Computational biology
  • Graphics and vision
  • Language and learning
  • Theory of computation
  • Robotics and systems

Besides the above, there are many other top AI labs in the world such as Open AI Research lab, UTCS AI lab, USC information sciences institute, FAIR, ElkanIO research lab in India. These are the centers where research scientists and professors do research and help to build the future.

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