Top 3 Greatest AI Trends in Industries – 2020

Artificial intelligence has made our life much easier than normal. AI is around us. You use it in your daily life, without even knowing it. You use your smartphone to use some applications. Searching something on the web, checking your latest social media feed, and even more. Some AI trends you must be using and you will be thinking how well Artificial Intelligence knows us?

In today’s time, Artificial Intelligence is everywhere, from every small work to the big work, We use AI.

Top 3 Greatest AI Trends in Industries – 2020

So, here we will know about some of the top greatest AI trends in Industries. Whether you are aware of it or not, but AI has a massive effect on our life. AI has also a massive effect on our business. Here are some everyday examples of Artificial Intelligence.

Take a look into these Top Greatest AI Trends in Industries

1. eCommerce Industry

Now we do most of the shopping online, no matter what we buy. Such as eCommerce Industries like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, Shopclues, Alibaba, etc. The eCommerce industry has heavily invested in AI to grow their audience, to sell more products. Here are some examples to understand the uses of AI in the eCommerce Industry.

eCommerce Companies provide us smart searches and some relevant features. We use their apps to buy something, we have many features to use so we could understand what we have to buy. It provides us to compare products, reviews. The most important is AI uses Automated CHATBOTS. Now Amazon has implemented Alexa on his website.

AI offer us personalized recommendation about some products and some purchase predictions based on what you search for in application and web browser. AI tracks their product sales that Which product has been purchased the most.

2. Marketing Industry

Today billions of users remain active on the internet. In other words, people keep searching for things of their choice on the internet. Previously the marketing was not able to target the exact audience because of the way they used to advertise. For Instance, the advertisement coming on television. It did not target the people they need.

But today Artificial Intelligence has helped the marketing industry and it has become very advanced. They target the exact audience for recommendations and content curation. You may have heard of Google Ads, it also helps you to target the audience for your product. So you can advertise your product.

When you are running a social app, you see an advertisement for the same content that you are viewing before on the web.

3. Hotels and Restaurants

Artificial intelligence is used in many hotels or restaurants. In many places, you will find robots as assistants. With the help of artificial intelligence, technology is developing.

There are a lot of examples where hotels and restaurants are loaded with Artificial Intelligence and Robots.

A Chinese Internet giant Alibaba runs a hotel (Flyzoo Hotel) loaded with AI and Robots.

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