Top 10 companies that are using AI

If you ask about the only technology that is emerging today, that is Artificial intelligence or maybe you can say that it is one of the technologies that today’s companies are adopting it rapidly. There are many companies that are using AI.

Mark Cuban says “If you are an entrepreneur and in the business world and if you don’t know AI, then you’re the equivalent of somebody in 1999 saying, “Yeah! I’m sure this internet thing will be okay, but I don’t give a shit.”.

you can assume what is the role of AI in the companies and startups in the coming years. Slowly it will capture a huge part of the market. If companies won’t use AI in their business, there is a high chance company will get relegated.

Top 10 companies that are using AI

Here I will show you the top companies that are using Artificial Intelligence to leverage their business.

1. Apple

Apple is the world’s largest technological company. In the past few years, Apple has introduced many gadgets and devices in the market. Siri is one of them.

Siri uses natural language processing(a part of AI) to receive the voice and react to it like answering the question, play songs, do rap, tell the news, and many other things. Apple uses AI in other products like the Face-Id feature in iPhone and apps like Apple music where it recommends songs according to users’ choice.

2. Google

Google is a company that creates a monopoly in its business. It is far more than a search engine. It has a subsidiary named Google AI which focused on bringing the benefits of AI to everyone. There are many tools developed by Google like TensorFlow, ML kit which is taught in AI and ML courses.

Google uses AI in google maps which helps to recognize traffic. It uses computer vision to identify vehicles on the road. In the chrome browser, we use voice recognition to search the pages. The voice recognition is built using NLP.

we use Google translation which translates one language to another using NLP. NLP and CV(computer vision) is a part of AI.

3. Facebook

Facebook, the largest and lucrative social media company that has been using AI for a long time. There are many AI applications that Facebook has developed like Deeptext, which helps in showing a relevant advertisement to the users by determining their interest, their post, comments, etc.

Talking pictures which helps visually impaired person by recognize the image before him and describe it. In gaming, Facebook AI program openGo beat the world champion in 2018 by using reinforcement learning, etc.

4. Alibaba

A Chinese company Alibaba, the world’s largest e-commerce platform. It has overtaken Amazon in terms of selling products. Alibaba uses AI to predict what customers want to buy. It filters the products for the customers individually. Alibaba uses AI in their other projects like the City Brain project to make smart cities.

5. Amazon

Along with e-commerce, Amazon focuses on digital streaming, cloud computing businesses. Its digital AI voice assistant named Alexa which provides information, tells you the weather condition, plays the song that you want to listen to, controls your smart home, etc. It’s store named Amazon Go, people don’t need to check out here.

The stores have AI technology that tracks which item you pick up and then automatically charges you through the Amazon Go app on your smartphone.

6. IBM

IBM(International business machines) is one of the oldest companies embracing AI. It has been around 20 years since the IBM program Deep Blue defeated the world chess champion.

Besides this, IBM also introduced a program Watson which wins the game show Jeopardy. Watson put a remarkable mark in the technological industry.

Now, IBM uses AI to find jobs for people without a college degree. In other words, recently IBM introduces Project Debater, an AI project which is designed to participate in a live debate with expert human debaters. In this project, NLP (natural language processing) has been used to make more clarity in the conversation.

7. OpenAI

OpenAI is an AI research company which focuses on reinforcement learning. It is viewed as a competitor of Deepmind. It has introduced many applications like openAI gym, debate game, Dactyl, etc.

OpenAI Gym is a toolkit which is used for developing a better algorithm. It helps to teach agents everything from walking to running. And Debate game trains machines to debate with human judges on toy problems and helps in making AI decisions. A year ago, OpenAI has received a US $1billion investment from Microsoft.

8. Microsoft

Microsoft replaces journalists with AI. It uses algorithms to identify new trending stories. There is one software we are aware of i.e. Cortana.

Cortana is a virtual assistant software that uses NLP(natural language processing) to perform tasks and answering the question to the user. NLP is a part of AI.

Now Microsoft has dived into the health sector and using AI to solve the problems and challenges in the health sector. In office 365, new features have been added. MS editor, it will use AI to offer features like rewrite suggestions to rephrase sentences and similarity checker to avoid plagiarism.

9. Deepmind

Deepmind, the AI company that focuses on making some types of brain games at such a level that it defeats the world’s champions. Although it has been acquired by Google in 2014. But I have mentioned it because it has some amazing achievements.

It uses AI, reinforcement learning in making video games. In 2016, its program AlphaGo defeat World champion Lee sedol, a go player. Later, it defeats other programs playing chess, go, etc.

10. Tencent

Tencent is a Chinese multinational technology company. It focuses on gaming, cloud storage, entertainment, and even more. It is probably known for its WeChat and Pubg mobile game. Pubg mobile brought a radical change in the gaming industry.

It uses AI to get the information and insights of their users which help their business to leverage. Gradually it uses AI in every field. That’s why the company slogan is ‘AI in all’.

There are many big companies other than above such as Neuralink, Baidu, etc that are embracing AI immensely. Companies don’t know even how far AI can take them. So they are hiring AI research scientists to make some innovative products or services.

I hope you like this article. There are also other companies that uses AI.

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