Tesla is coming to India in 2021. How successful would it be and its price?

Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, recently confirmed his entry into India on Twitter. He is going to set up Tesla Automobile Company’s Giga factory in Bangalore. Tesla’s plan to enter India was already there but was delayed. Now, he confirmed in next year. But why is this news so discussed? Tesla in India can be a big change.

As we all know that Tesla car is mostly known for a self-driving car. In other words, autopilot cars, and electric cars as well. Tesla has earned billions of dollars in the recent year. In the current era, it has become the world’s most valuable car.

But after Tesla’s launch in India, how successful Tesla will be in India? What major problems can it face? Here in this article, we will discuss these problems and how much it will cost in India?

Tesla in India

Elon Musk has planned to launch his Tesla car model in January 2021. Everyone loves Tesla because of its infrastructure, design, technology that it uses in cars, and drive without a driver. Tesla is different from other automobile companies. But, after all these features, it also becomes very costly.

But, if we talk about the road infrastructure in India, will Tesla’s autopilot feature be successful. If we talk about the USA, then the infrastructure there is much better than in India. There are many other problems that Tesla may face in India.

Problems in India

Other electric cars are plying on the roads of India. And even they are struggling and facing problems to make it successful.

Some major problems that you will find on the streets of India are the following:-

1. The Infrastructure of Roads

You have probably seen how roads are in India. You may have seen sewers somewhere, pits on roads, many speed breakers. So what you think how Tesla will deal with these problems? Will the autopilot feature have any effect?

2. Parking Area

The parking area in India is very limited, but people still park their vehicles. How? Actually, parking lots are basically wherever you find the spot on the side of the road or sidewalk. Tesla models have features that find and park automatic in parking slots.

3. Charging Station

Charging station is a big issue when it comes to electric car. India has about 250+ charging station, which is not enough. If Tesla comes, they would have to make more charging stations.

4. Accidents

We all know that there is no guarantee of accidents on Indian roads. Accidents happen despite the driver. So when Tesla’s Autopilot would be running, will there be accidents? Probably, it would be. If we talk about the rest of the country, then the rate of accidents is too less.

Till now, there are about 150 Tesla accidents that happened across the world which is far more less as compared to other cars.

Well, in the year 2015, Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Tesla Headquarter(Palo Alto, California) during Visit to the US. He discussed with Elon Musk about Tesla’s possibilities and problems that can happen in India. Elon Musk has also concerned about the issues with the Minister of Road transport of Banglore, Mr. Nitin Gadkari, about the road highway and infrastructure of Bangalore’s road.

One of the biggest advantages that can happen with the launch of an electric car is the complete elimination of pollution.

Price in India

The price of Tesla cars would be different from the USA. There is a huge amount of investment(Importing, Servicing, charging station) if Tesla launches his model in India. So, its price may hike about 30% more of the actual price.

Tesla car has four models currently, and another is a cyber truck. We won’t include the cyber truck here.

  • MODEL S:- Actual price is 1.5 Crore.
  • MODEL 3:- Actual price is 70 Lakh.
  • MODEL X:- Actual price is 2 Crore.
  • MODEL Y:- Actual price is 50 Lakh.

The Tesla model price and its specification are given in the Indian car website. You can visit any of them.

I hope you liked the article. You must have understood how successful it will be in India. We all await the launch. If you have any questions, please let me know in the comment section.

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