Once Sundar Pichai was asked a question in an interview – His reply was?

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Last Updated on November 11, 2020

Sundar Pichai” who is the CEO(chief executive officer) of Google and Alphabet. He is an inspiration to us Indians. Today they run Google and Alphabet company and Google’s subfield Google search engine has become the world’s largest search engine. But Sundar Pichai was also an employee of this company at a time and passed many interview. And if any person wants a job in a big tech company, then they have to crack interviews at many levels.

well, Whenever it comes to an interview, people start getting scared and start thinking about, what will happen at the time of the interview, will I be able to answer all the questions? Many times it happens that the question asked in the interview is not even known accurately, but we answer. And it proves wrong to us, most of the time.

This same happened to Sundar Pichai then what did he reply? Today we will explore in this article.

Sundar Pichai was asked a question in an interview

During an interview, the candidates try their best to crack the interview and answer all the questions asked in the interview to crack it. So that the chances of getting selected increase.

But many times during the interview, you come across a question that you do not know about the answer to. What should you do then? You can take inspiration from CEO of Alphabet Sundar Pichai’s answer to this question

So here is the year 2004 when Sundar Pichai was giving an interview for the post of Vice President of Product Management in Google. It was April fool’s day. During an Interview, the interviewer asked a question to him and the question was:-

Question:- What is your opinion about Gmail?

The interviewer asked this question because Google announced the launch of Gmail on the same day. Here you may be thinking that how simple it is?

If Sundar Pichai wanted, he could have given an answer, he could have told about some flaws or improvements by relating to other Gmail platforms, or they could tell how an email service can prove profitable for Google. But he did not do anything like this. He thought and replied,

The Answer he replied was:- I don;t Know. I have not tried this yet.

If Sundar Pichai gave such an answer, there was a possibility that he did not get this post, but he got. What do you think if you can’t answer a question.

What lesson did we get?

A big lesson we can learn from this interview of Sundar Pichai is the mistake we make during our interview. Sundar Pichai did not hesitate to admit his weakness rather than respond. And we can do the same, when we do not know the answer to any question, then we accept our weakness.

NOTE:- Knowing your weaknesses, improving it is considered a sign of a leader.

That’s all here. I hope you liked the article. If you have any questions, please let me know in the comment section.

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