Reasons Why Becoming Data Scientist May Not Be Worth It

In 2012, Harvard Business Review said that Data scientist is the sexiest job of the 21st century. After that everyone, students or employees started preparing for data scientist because there is a lot of money behind it and it is a brand new thing. Colleges started teaching data science online.

In the mid of this, in LinkedIn, some data analyst changed their title to data scientist. People expected unrealistic things regarding data science. In this article, we will get you familiar with the reality of a data science job and talk about why becoming a data scientist may not be worth it for you. But before that let’s clear some of the points regarding data science.

If you don’t know the difference between data analyst and data scientist, click here to read. But before jumping into that section, lets know the basics meaning of data science.

What is Data Science?

In brief, data science is the field of exploring, manipulating, and analyzing data and using data to answer questions or make recommendations. They collect data from different sources and apply machine learning, sentiment analysis, predictive analysis, and extract useful information from it.

Data science can help organizations:-

  • understand their environments
  • analyze existing issues
  • reveal previously hidden opportunities

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Why did Harvard business review say that Data scientist is the sexiest job?

Here, ‘sexy’ states that having rare qualities and that is much in demand. They are difficult to hire. This job requires those kinds of people who have computational and analytical skills. And that is true for data science.

We will discuss further why it is a difficult job. The chief economist of Google- Hal Varian said that in the next 10 years, the sexy job will be statisticians.

Skills Required for Data Scientist

Before we jump to jobs or responsibilities of data scientist, let’s know about the skills required for a data scientist:-

  • Mathematics and statistics
  • proficiency in programming languages like python or R
  • SQL databases like MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL, etc.
  • big data platforms like Hadoop, Apache spar, etc.
  • Machine learning algorithms like Random forest, Linear regression, KNN, Decision trees, logistic regression, etc.

Why it may not worth?

Many people go after a data science job because of the money behind it. But what are the qualities needed to become a data scientist? Here I will share those qualities. On that basis, you have to assess yourself a data scientist is worth it for you or not.

1. You have to learn throughout your career

If you think that after doing some courses from colleges or online sources and assume that you have completed data science. Sorry, it doesn’t happen this way.

While doing the job, you have to face several problems that can be solved in 5 min or may take a few days or months. Every time, you have to learn new things. In the mid, you may have to learn other programming languages.

The data science field is not a sprint, it is a marathon. As you know, After 2012, people run after this career, then TensorFlow released in 2015 and now it is the most in-demand skill required for a data scientist. So, if you are not ready to learn in your career, then a data scientist is not worth it for you.

2. You are passionate about data

Data science job involves coding, data cleaning, and many other things. Coding may be interesting or boring. It depends on one’s interest or passion. The data cleaning process would take most of the time in the process. Data cleaning is the process of use relevant data and removes incorrect, corrupted data, irrelevant data within a dataset.

In data science, while solving problems, you need to have business skills. You have to think about any problem from a business perspective and code like a programmer. That’s why a data science job is also called jack of all trades.

It is a multidisciplinary job. The experience you get in one sector does not add value if you get into another sector as a data scientist. Anyone from any academic background can apply for a data science job. A brilliant data scientist who is passionate about the field of IT won’t necessarily excel in the field of healthcare.

Let me give you an example. If a healthcare sector company has to hire a data scientist, whom they will hire – 5 years of experience in the education sector or 2 yrs of experience in the healthcare sector. Of course, they will hire the latter. Because he is familiar with the problem related to healthcare and knows how to solve it.

3. You enjoy coding and solving math

Coding and math are the basic skill required to be a data scientist. If you don’t enjoy coding or you can’t see yourself doing programming every day. Then you should not go for a data scientist job. By the time as needed, you have to learn multiple languages. Otherwise, it will be going to hold you back in the long run.

So the best coding books you should have in data science are given below. I recommend you to buy it.

4. You like to work with other people

Let me tell you one thing, data science is collaborative work and you probably have to work in a team with other data scientists, data analysts, and people from different disciplines and skillsets. It is difficult for individuals to work on problems in a company or startups. If you think that only work for eight to nine sitting in a cubicle and solve problems. Then you are not gonna experience it in a data science job.

5. You should have business skills or soft skills

As I have told you earlier, as a data scientist, you have to think like a businessman, code like a programmer, and represent or negotiate like a salesman. You have to talk to and communicate with your clients and your business stakeholders on a regular basis.

Stakeholders may not be tech-savvy. So, you have to make them understand your projects, how much time it will take, what will be the output. So, it is the soft skills, a way to communicate that makes your clients and stakeholders feel comfortable that the project is improving on time or not.

6. Expertise in a specific domain

Before applying for data science, you have to see what is your competitive advantage. Do you want to be a data scientist in any field or specific field? Suppose you want to work for an IT firm or internet-based firm, then you need a different set of skills. And if you want to be a data scientist in the healthcare industry, then you need a different set of skills. So, first, you have to figure what you’re interested in.

Many people prefer to be a generalist to a specialist data scientist. They think that it is better to know a little bit about multiple things rather than know only one thing.

They think that this would open the opportunity in every sector. But the companies look for a specialist data scientist. So, choose wisely, become an expert in one domain, and then your chances of being hired in that sector will increase.

So, what you have decided? Is it worth it for you to become a data scientist? If it is or you are comfortable with the above qualities. Good Luck! Do follow our website, we will provide every resource required to become a data scientist.

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