10 New Python Projects for Intermediate Developers


If you are a Python developer and you have done projects like Tic-Tac-Toe, word count, snake game, etc., you have come to the right place. If not, first complete those projects. The projects that are listed below are for intermediate Python developers.

Every time you dive into other projects, you will face new challenges. Along with the projects mentioned, I will give you some direction which helps you to make the projects more easily.

Please note that the list of python projects for intermediate is not in order.

1. Web scraping

It is the process of extract information from a website or some kind of webpage doing something with it such as displaying in a nice way or manipulating the information. The module used in web scraping is called BeautifulSoup. Click this link to learn web scrap using BeautifulSoup.

2. Quiz application

Quizzes are often important for assessing knowledge. It helps to identify the mistakes and correct them. Taking an online exam is the best way to get updated and assessing oneself. As an intermediate developer, you can create such a quiz application using Python modules.

You can set a series of questions and users have to solve those questions. The app also displays the results to the users about their scores and performance and keys to fix those mistakes.

Only Admins will be allowed to create questions. There are several features you have to do while making a Quiz application. You need to add an account creation feature that helps users to store their records of scores.

It requires timer features that make users complete the quiz in the given time. Make application in such a way that when you upload quizzes (any text format), it will convert them into quizzes and store the questions and answers in databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, or others.

Examples of Quiz Applications are:- 1. MyQuiz 2. Kahoot

3. Calculator

Make a simple calculator which can perform arithmetic operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division. This can be made using GUI modules named Tkinter.

With the help of Tkinter, you can create buttons to perform operations and display them to show the results. Click this Link to get the source code.

4. Currency converter

The currency converter is a GUI application that you can build using a Python module named Tkinter. As we know the value of the relative value of currency always fluctuates.

So to get updated about the value of the currency, it requires API. The API is open source. Click this link to get the API. Its main purpose is to convert the currency to another.

5. Build a website

Building a website using Python language is quite amazing. I am talking about the backend. But before you have to learn HTML, CSS, Javascript to display the web page. Mainly Python language is considered for AI or Data Science.

But Its framework Django has been used in many applications like Instagram and Tinder. Employers are hiring Django developers regularly. Another alternative to Django is Flask. You can use any of them. But the Django framework is widely used for creating websites.

6. File renaming tool

Whenever any new files created in our folders, we rename them according to our conventions. Renaming one or two files is O.K. But if we have to rename large no. of files, it became very stressful to rename them all.

So, here is the role of the File renaming tool comes. What it does, it renames the files automatically which helps users to save a lot of time.

Direction:- The python libraries such as os, sys, shutil will be used while working on this project. Add feature which allows users to target the certain and same type of files such as file name is myfilesXYZ. Here ‘XYZ’ is the number. And the tool will rename it according to the number. To find the naming pattern, a python module named regex is used. For example, we have to rename the file name starting with myproject. So, it renames those files like myproject01, myproject02, myproject0… sequentially. The tool won’t rename the files starting with other names like newfile or something else.

7. Music player

Every people likes to listen to music. But one can’t listen to music without a music player. It needs software on which audio can be played. In this project, you have to create a music player.

There are some features you need to implement while making a music player. Everyone is familiar with them because everyone uses a music player. But as a developer, you have to observe those little things which are given below.

Direction:- Create a music player that allows users to play mp3, wav, and other audio files. For a better experience, you need to consider the user interface. Such as show the information about the file you are playing like the name of the file, duration of the file, how much played, how much not played in minutes and seconds. You can use python libraries like pygame, pymedia, or simpleaudio which helps to aid audio files with few lines of code. Allow users to create the playlists and can increase or decrease the speed of audio files. To store the data of the created playlist, you can use the SQLite database.

8. Content aggregator

Whenever we have to search for any information on the internet. We do search for multiple websites manually. It takes time to read the information on multiple websites.

What content aggregator do is it fetch the relevant information from genuine websites, compiles it and show them in a website. So, there is no need to go somewhere else.

Direction:- You have to choose what websites do content aggregator get content from? After that, you have to use libraries like requests for sending HTTP requests to grab relevant content from the websites. It requires a database to store the information. Then you need a subscribe feature so that whenever the content aggregator sends the latest information to the user.

9. Alarm clock

This project is very interesting. We use it in day-to-day life. These days, people got a lot of work. It is hard for them to do the work at the right time. The alarm clock gives reminders to our things at certain times.

Users can set or delete the task according to the situation. You have used it on many devices like smartphones, Desktop, Television which reminds you of your program.

Direction:- Its main objective is to activate the audio signal of the alarm at a certain time. Add the feature that allows users to set the time and date, edit or delete the task according to condition. The python library you can use is Pygame which enables playing audio. Add recurrent alarm feature which tells users that the task is very important. Add snooze feature in the application.

10. Projects using Raspberry Pi

Raspaberry Pi

Raspberry pi is a single board computer. It runs its own operating system and it mainly uses Python language to program.

You can use it to build many projects such as build a security system that works on facial recognition to unlock it. You can create robots and drones with the help of this device. It is widely used for weather monitoring and many more because of its low cost and modularity.

If you are an intermediate developer, I would recommend you buy this device. You will get sensors and it includes an integrated CPU and GPU. Its recent version is Raspberry Pi 4. In my opinion, Raspberry pi 4 B (2GB RAM) is powerful enough to work on these projects. You can buy from it here.

You will enjoy while working on these Python intermediate projects because the projects are much familiar to you and challenging. So, start working on these projects and leverage your skills to overcome next level projects.

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