7 Python Advanced Project with Source Code

Python is the most popular programming language among developers because it has wide usage in the field of machine learning, data science, etc. So, if you are a python developer and want to make a career in machine learning or data science, then you should work on some real advanced project.

Here in this article, you will get some real python advanced project ideas to enlarge your coding skills with the source code. But if you haven’t done Python intermediate projects before, then you may do it first.

Python Advanced Project

Explore the projects given below and start coding today. ???. The projects that are given below, are part of machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision.

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1. Facial Recognition Employee Attendance System

This is the first Python project you should start “Facial Recognition Based Attendance system”, with the help of computer vision and some supporting libraries.

The already registered employees in this system will complete their attendance through the face, and then the system will tell you whether the person is present or absent.

But if you want to program this system in another way, you may do it. But for this project, you need an accurate database of persons whose faces the system will scan.

Using the face_recognition library your code will less and accurate to recognize the faces of a person.

Source Code:- Facial-Recognition-Based-Attendance-System (Jump to Recog.py)

2. Real-Time Face Mask Detection System

This is the most amazing and important project to build this time. This is the most used project in this covid time. Because it detects the mask on the face of the people in real-time whether they have worn it or not.

This real-time face mask detection system will work like this. If a person, who has applied the mask properly on his face, a green rectangular sign will be formed on his face and it will tell, how well that person is wearing the mask.

And if the mask is not worn properly on the face, then a red rectangular sign will be formed as a warning and it will tell that the person is not wearing the mask well and should wear it.

With the help of computer vision and some important libraries like TensorFlow, Keras, you will be able to create an accurate face mask detection system, even having less number of code.

Source Code:- Face Mask Detection

3. Next Word Prediction Model

This is the most amazing project and if you haven’t done it before then you should build this project (Language Modeling) at least once.

We all use this model when we text on our smartphone in keyboard, without realizing it. The next text we are about to write is predicted by most of the keyboard automatically and we directly paste it.

Google also uses this model in its keyboard (Gboard) to predict the next word based on your browsing history or preloaded data.

Source Code:- Next word prediction model

4. Weather Forecast Model

Well, among all the projects this project may be very sophisticated to build, that will give you an accurate forecast of weather.

To build this model, you need accurate data so that you could do data analysis, plot and mathematical operations. You can read this article to know step by step to build weather forecasting with machine learning.

Source Code:- Weather Forecast Model

5. Flower Recognition Model

There are many types of flowers in this world, so much so that it is difficult to know the name of each one. Because we can’t remember the names and colors of all the flowers.

If you build a machine learning model to recognize flowers, it will recognize color characteristics and flower names, even those with the same design.

All you have to do is, you have to endue a large and accurate dataset of flowers. Then the program that you have code to detect flowers after the scan will do the rest.

Source Code:- Flower Recognition Model

6. Building a New Chatbots

In recent years, chatbots programs have grown in popularity in the field of tech companies, business sectors, or e-commerce.

Well, chatbot is an artificial intelligence based program that mimics natural human language and interacts with humans to solve their problems. You may have noticed, when you open such a website, an automatic message appears at the bottom. It’s actually a chatbot that asks your problem to solve.

With the help of natural language processing, you can build a chatbot in Python. Further, you will also need some packages like chatterbot, chatterbot_corpus, nltk

Source Code:- Building a new Chatbots

7. Human Face Detection

Face detection is a technique that detects faces in a person’s photo or video. Here is the most important role of OpenCV library, which searches faces with the help of computer vision.

If you want to make your career in the field of computer vision, this project is most recommended to start.

In the process of detecting faces from an image, you just have to choose any image you want to test your code on. After selecting an image, the program you have written will do the rest. The program will then create a rectangular shape, where it will see the face in the picture.

Source Code:- Human Face Detection

There are also tons of python advanced project on GitHub with source code. Github is a platform where many developers put their project descriptions with source code files.

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