What is Nanotechnology? – Introduction and its Applications – 2020


Nanotechnology is a branch of science that deals with nanoparticle to manipulate its properties. You have heard this name in movies like Avengers 3, Big hero 6, Nano, or some else. Although we are using the applications but don’t know where. Nanotechnology and its applications is a very interesting and trending topic to know about.

Nanotechnology and its Applications

Mathematically, Nano means one billionth(10-9). The size of the needle eye is 1mm(0.001 m). If you divide it by 10, you get 0.0001 m. This might be the smallest division you see with your naked eye. Take that and divide it by 10 again and you get the size of the blood cell(10 micrometers). Again divide it by 10, you get the size of bacteria(1 micrometer), then virus(100 nm). And last divide it by 100, you get the size of half of DNA (which is 1nm-nanometer).

The idea behind nanotechnology came from the American Physical Society meeting at the California Institute of Technology on December 29, 1959, when physicist Richard Feynman says “There is plenty of room at the bottom“.

The world is shrinking. You can assume that the first computer was made in the 1940s and its size was that of the room. But now today everyone has a smartphone which is much smaller, lighter, faster, and cheaper than it.

Nanotechnology is not about making things smaller. If you think so, it may have some side effects(its properties may change). Science has a different role in Nanoscale. Let’s take the example of gold. Its color is yellow, but at the nanoscale, its color can be red, brown, or even green. All this variance occurs because of quantum effects.

But once you learn it, you can make anything with the material you want, make them behave the way you want. You have watched Iron man 2!! How tony stark discovered a new element, he went it the material at nanoscale and change its structure to change its properties.

Why Look at Very Small Thing

Whenever we heard the word ‘universe‘, planets, stars, galaxy came into our mind. Here nanoscience itself is a universe. Everything on Earth consists of atoms. The food we eat, the clothes we wear, and our bodies. Everything!!. Properties of things change when they’re made smaller. They change because of Quantum effects that dominate its behavior properties. Properties of materials are size-dependent when working in nanoscale.

In the future, with the help of nanoscience, charcoal can be turned into a diamond and can be turned into silicon. Scientists have discovered that the difference between one thing and another is not its atomic properties but the order in which they are put together.

Its Application

Above you read about nanotechnology and now know about its applications.

There are many products already in the market that we use daily that weren’t possible without nanotechnology.

Nanoelectronics (use of nanotechnology in electronics) aims at improving the capabilities of electronic devices by reducing the weight, improving its performance and make it cheaper so that anyone can use it.

Nanoscale filmed on Tempered glass that makes it water-resistant and scratch-resistant.

Transistors are shrinking year after year.In

  • 2012 – 22 nm
  • 2015 – 14nm
  • 2020 – 5 nm
  • maybe in 2025 – 1nm

Upcoming applications

In medical, Scientists will use nanoparticles for disease prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. It will deliver direct medication to cancer cells and minimize the risk of damages.

Quantum dots are tiny semiconductor particles that penetrate into the skin and reduce the risk of cancer by 80 percent.

Researchers are now exploring ways to grow complex tissues with the goal of one-day growing human organs for transplant. Nanotechnology will be used in making vaccines. Nanobots are tiny packages that work in an automated way. They penetrate the human body and monitors the internal chemistry and fix it at the nanoscale.

By the upcoming year, no one needs to clean their stuff because of nanoparticles(it will be layered on the surface).

I don’t think we are far away.

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