6 Models of Artificial Intelligence that Facebook use

Mark Zuckerberg, who created great innovations by which the people of this whole world is connected to each other digitally. In a month, about millions of users are active nowadays. Facebook is one of the fastest-growing businesses in the present era. Models of Artificial Intelligence that Facebook use helps us to know things easily.

Today in this article, we will discuss about the models of Artificial Intelligence that Facebook uses to enhance its functions and to attract more users.

As we all know that, In today’s world Artificial Intelligence is growing very fast. Every tech company is now implementing AI (which includes Machine Learning and Deep Learning) to improve their results.

Models of Artificial Intelligence that Facebook use

Facebook uses AI for many purposes like Facial Recognition, Targeted Advertising, Language Translation, and many more.

1. Textual Analytics

Facebook connects one person to another. They share photos and videos with all of them. But, instead of photos and videos, Facebook has lots of data on the text. Text is very important for us and there are a lot of texts on Facebook that we have to understand.

Facebook uses Deep Text which is fully based on Deep Learning. It helps us to understand the text, what do people text and post.

This text engine (Deep Text) not only about posting and texting, but it also understands our feelings, emotions, and sentiments that we are trying to text.

Ok, I ask you, Have you ever noticed when you are writing something on Facebook.

If you post or say something negative or strange, then Facebook can predict your language. Facebook predicts your every single status (from check-in to update a relationship or what are you interested in?) that you update there.

Deep Text understands many things in your text like grammar, idioms, context, and even more.

For Example: Suppose there is a marriage of your friend and he shared some pics on Facebook. If you comment there like “Congratulations” or “You’re the best”, then the Machine Learning Algorithms automatically detect that Oh! You have greeted him.

2. Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition is a part of machine learning on Facebook. It recognizes the face of the one who is in that photo posted by you or someone else.

Nowadays, If you look at the Facebook posts, then you will see that every person has a thick layer of makeup in the face or has edited. It might be difficult for you to recognize them but Facebook can do it.

How? How does he recognize it? Well, You must have seen the “tag suggestion” feature (means your facial recognition feature is on) when you post images.

The Machine Learning Algorithms analyze your faces on Facebook or from somewhere else.

Actually, It is a Deep Face system that understands, how your face looks. Then the system creates your 3D face and then scans the rest of your photos. This is how Machine Learning Algorithms identify you.

For Example:- Suppose you are in a group with your friends and partying somewhere. Then you clicked some pictures with your friends and uploaded them to Facebook.

Facebook knows who else is in that picture with you. And then Facebook automatically tags them all.

3. Targeted Advertising

Have you ever seen an advertisement of some clothes or electronics products on your Facebook feed or pages?

Well, not only Facebook but some other social platforms also show you ads based on your interest. This feature is done using Artificial Intelligence.

Actually, It is a Deep Neural Network that analyzes your data like what are you searching for on the internet, location, likes, interests, and then show you some targeted ads.

Now, you must be thinking that how facebook collect my data?

Well, there are many data collection companies like Datalogix, Epsilon, Acxiom, etc. Facebook collects data from them and then shows you ads based on your interest.

For Example:- Suppose now that you have searched some electronic products on Amazon and read its specifications. If you open Facebook after some time, you will see the same ads in the news feed that you searched on Amazon a while back. Well, It increases your chance of clicking that advertisement.

4. Language Translation

Facebook is a social networking platform used worldwide. There are many materials on this networking platform that are in different languages.

Assume that you only know the Hindi language, not other languages, and some posts or text on your Facebook newsfeed are in English or some other language but you have to understand it in Hindi!

Well, Facebook has a feature of a translator that translates from one language to another. Facebook will automatically translate from that language to your default language if you have enabled it.

If you haven’t enabled it then follow these process:-

  • Open Facebook
  • Go to Setting & Privacy
  • Then Settings
  • Translation for posts

(Translation for posts), here you can set the default language you want to translate.

5. NewsFeed

Facebook’s newsfeed is the most unique feature. In this newsfeed, you will see some stories that will be of interest to you.

Your newsfeed is based on your interest, likes, and engagement. The Machine Learning algorithm detects what you are interested in. Anything that shows in your newsfeed is based on such factors like, interaction with your friends, pages you like, your comments, and content you follow(movies, clips, games).

6. Nearby Friends

This is the most interesting feature of Facebook because it tells us which one of your friends are around you.

Actually, Facebook uses sensor technology in our smartphones, so that they can use our location. Facebook automatically sends notifications to us when one of our Facebook friends is nearby if you have turned on this feature.


These are the main models of Artificial Intelligence that Facebook uses. There are also other models of Artificial Intelligence that Facebook uses to further improve its business.

These are all the models that you read above. Facebook sends you a friend suggestion based on these models.

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