Is Python scripting language? The Truth is!

Hey, are you a Python beginner or developer, and you are entangled to know the answer related to Python programming language? When a programmer comes to learn Python language, a lot of questions come to his mind such as what exactly is it, a programming language, an interpreter, or is python scripting language?

The answer is Yes, Python is scripting language. But it is more than just a scripting language. It is also an interpreted, object-oriented, and high-level programming language.

But before jumping deeper into that section, let’s understand the definition of python programming language. Then we will know about scripting language and its different features.


Python is the most popular, general-purpose programming language suitable for tasks in machine learning. It was designed and developed by Guido Van Rossum in 1991. This language is so popular among others because it is easy to learn, clear syntax, and easy to code. It has a lot of libraries for the field of web development, software development, and machine learning.

Stack Overflow Survey

“According to the survey by Stack Overflow in the year 2020 – Python is a most wanted programming language by 30% of the developers.”

What is scripting language?

The term scripting means, a code written to perform tasks based on automating a repeated task. It includes the same type of steps when implementing a mechanism or program (like a browser). In other words, a scripting language is a programming language designed to interact with or communicate with other programming languages. It reduces the time and effort also cost further.

Such scripting languages are:- Python, Javascript, Perl, Visual Basic, and more. These languages can interact or communicate with other languages to execute the tasks. By the way, not all programming languages are scripting languages, but all scripting languages are programming languages.

The scripting languages are often interpreted rather than compiled. Why? Because It uses a program known as an interpreter to translate commands. And it directly interprets from source code. It does not require a compilation step.

Difference between programming language and scripting language?

As I told you before, all scripting languages are programming languages, but not all programming languages are scripting languages. Further these all, there is also some key difference between programming and scripting language.

Python can write scripts, that’s why python is technically thought as scripting language. In both, the difference is only due to the compiler and the interpreter. let us first understand these two.

  • Compiler:- First, it converts the entire program into assembly code and then into machine code.
  • Interpreter:- It converts and executes the program line by line.

Scripting language does not require any compilation. In other words, scripting language use an interpreter to convert their code into native machine code.

For Example, some scripting languages such as Python, javascript do not require compilation before executing their programs. Another side, some programming languages such as C++, Java do require compilation before executing their program.

Scripting languages are most widely used to create a website, whereas programming languages are most widely used to make software.

Also remember, scripting language run slower than programming language. It cannot access the low-level details of the hardware whereas programming language does.

Different feature of scripting language

These days, most programmers refer to a language (programming language) whose programs run primarily on an interpreter, i.e. the scripting language. You always have heard Python as a high-level programming language. Now you knew it as a scripting language.

There are many benefits of using a scripting language. Below are various features of scripting language that you should be familiar with.

  • In the scripting language, having less code speeds up the processing time. Therefore, it runs fast and completes the task efficiently.
  • Highly efficient with the limited number of data structures and variables to use.
  • It requires less code than programming languages.
  • Automation for the entire process of the program.
  • Runs in an interpreter, not a compiler.

There are two types of scripting language:-

  • Server-side scripting language

A scripting language that runs on a web server is a server-side scripting language.

  • Client-side scripting language

A scripting language that runs on the user’s web browser is a client-side scripting language.

Best way to learn python programming language

If you want to get into programming, the Python language could be the best for you to start with. There are many uses of Python language such as web development, game development, software development and most important for which Python is popular, i.e. Artificial Intelligence or Data Science.

So, If you are learning Python for Machine Learning or Data Science then must try the process for learning python that I have mentioned below. Along with python, you also need to learn some libraries and implementing skills with the help of a book also.

Well, You don’t need to master everything in python, just learn the basics of python programming language. If you already have done this, I would suggest you to complete the data structure and algorithms.

A special platform where you can learn Python for data science and machine learning is Datacamp. It has many mentors who will teach you and prepare you to solve complex problems in data science or machine learning.

Python Libraries

you also need to learn some python libraries like Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlib, scikit-learn, and more. You can check out some websites like and These both places where you can study python libraries, and tutorials of machine learning also.

Note:- Along with courses and platforms, reading books is also the best way to implement your working skills. So, one book in python “Python Crash Course” that I study everyday, and also I suggest you to read that book. Click the link below, if you want.

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