What is the Internet Of Things? What are their Examples?- 2020

We all are familiar with the word Internet because it is our part of life. It helps us in many ways like learning skills, Entertainment, etc. Here, we have one other thing Internet Of Things (IoT). We probably would have heard before about the Internet of Things(IoT).

Today in this modern world, IoT is everywhere, because every technology related to digital services use IoT. But what is IoT? How does it work? How to understand the Internet Of Things, and What are the Examples of IoT?

What Is IoT?

The Internet Of Things (IoT) is the network of physical devices, vehicles, and other things embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and network connectivity which enable these objects to collect and exchange data.

Any device which is connected to the other device or internet to collect, render, and exchange the data is called an IoT (Internet Of Things).

Understanding IoT

To Understand IoT, Firstly we will have to understand the meaning of its’s full-form. If you split their full-form, you get two words first is the Internet and the second is Things.

Internet of Things image

As I wrote before that the Internet is a network and we use it to gain Information, Entertainment, and Communication. The second is things. well, anything is a thing. There are many things around us like a smartphone, toys, television, remote, washing machine, motor, circuit board, fan, speaker, home theater, computer, laptop, lift and many objects are the things. Anything around us which is connected to the internet or digital platform, then they become part of the IoT.

How Does It Work?

When any object or devices that are connected to the IoT Platforms with the help of the Internet or sensors then after that they collect the data from those devices and then render.

Suppose when you go to a shopping mall, you see that there is a sensor in each of the clothes there, if that sensor comes out of that shopping mall then the alarm starts ringing. Exactly, the Internet Of Things used here. Sensor Board renders alarm if that small thing comes out.

Examples Of IoT:-

There are a lot of examples where the IoT is used. Maybe some of the examples you are familiar with that you use in your daily life.

  • When you use the lift to go up or down, then we hear some sounds from that elevator like gate opened, gate closed, etc. These happen because of the Internet Of Things.
  • You must have seen the film Premam (Chitralaya). If you know the story then you would know what was in that story? When there was an accident, the automatic information went to the police station through a chip (SIM card) that an accident had happened at that place and then the police reached there to save it. Because of IoT, this is possible.
  • You must have noticed that when you go to the exchange room of the shopping mall, the automatic bulb turns on there. The bulb turns on because of the sensor in that bulb. Perhaps it would have detected the human skin. Here also the Internet Of Things Work.


There are many things in which the Internet of Things is used. Nowadays IoT is developing very fast. We cannot even guess what can be done through IoT devices. What can you do automatically using the Internet of Things?

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