Top Incredible Advanced Humanoid AI Robots in Real World – 2020

If you raise the question, that what is that one thing that is changing and making the best future in this world. You will get that the one thing is Artificial Intelligence. AI is a strange world on its own. There are many things to know about AI. What is AI, Types of AI, History of AI, and even more, because these are the basics of Artificial Intelligence. AI is developing in many sectors, in Agriculture, Technology, Fashion, etc. AI has developed many robots, and they all are amazing.

Top Incredible Advanced Humanoid AI Robots

Here, we are going to look at the most advanced humanoid robots that are making a brilliant future with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

1. Stuntronics Robot

In the list of most advanced humanoid robots, first, we have Stuntronics Robot. You probably would not have heard before because you definitely would not have heard before. Stuntronics is a robot featured with Artificial Intelligence. This robot is designed to entertain people at Disney Parks. It is also called an animatronic stunt devil. It is an advanced robotic technology.

feature of this robot is, it can do a performing movement. It performs an aerial flip, twists, and poses, as humans do in the circus with the help of the rope, etc. Stuntronics robot has a sensor that takes his own decision while doing the movement in the air. It takes decisions like when to fold his knees, when to land, etc.

2. Sophia Robot

Second, we have Sophia, You might know her well because she is the one who got citizenship in his own country. Could you have ever imagined, a robot can get citizenship. Well, there are a lot of things to know about her.

Sophia is a social humanoid robot developed by a company called Henson Robotics in Hong-kong. Henson Robotics Company Activated Sophia on the 14th of February 2016. She can talk to humans the same as one person does with another person, She can answer your question that you will ask. Sophia is able to create more than 60 facial Expressions. She got her citizenship in October 2017 and became a Saudi Arabian Citizen. She made her first public appearance in Austin Texas (United States) in march 2016.


Third, We have DIGIT Robot. It is a simple robot in look but with a lot of features. DIGIT looks like a human’s skeleton. This DIGIT Robot is manufactured by Agility Robotics. Agility Robotics has designed it to help people, take care of peoples in their homes.

DIGIT Robot has the ability to respond. It can also deliver Your home packages at your home door. DIGIT can navigate places with the help of sensors in his body. Suppose if anything is put in front of him, then he will diver this place and get back to that place and will reach to the destination. DIGIT is a Successor of Cassie Robotics of Agility’s first Robot.

Well, How do you feel when you know that Artificial Intelligence is developing very fast. Especially in Robotics Sector.

Now you have known about Robots that exist in real life. If you have any questions, Please Let me know in the Comment Section.

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