How AI is helping to maintain a social distance?

Maintaining a social distance is the most important precaution for us to fight COVID-19. To stay safe from this coronavirus, people are using masks, using sanitizer. But there are very few people who are following social distance. In this epidemic, social distance matters a lot. So, AI is helping to maintain a social distance.

If something new has happened due to this pandemic, it is “work from home”, through which people are doing their work and companies are also working.

Today in this article, we will get how AI is helping to maintain a social distance?

How AI is helping to maintain a social distance?

As I told you, it is important for us to follow social distance. It should be more than about two meters, but people often do not.

So, Artificial Intelligence uses many technologies to helps us to maintain a social distance. It uses computer vision, Machine Learning, Facial Recognition, Sensor, IT Cameras, etc.

In other words, many businesses use a social distancing alert system with Automated Notification. They are using existing CCTV Cameras combined with computer vision to track a person that they are following a specific distance or not. If they do not follow a specific distance they can be identified or a warning notification may be sent to them.

How does this system work?

Well, It uses Artificial Intelligence with computer vision, sensor, augmented reality, and even more to warn a person when they are too close to one another.

The social distancing alert system detects a gap between two or more persons in cameras with the help of a Machine Learning Algorithm which companies program.

Using augmented reality, when two or more people form a specific distance, a rectangular or circular shape forms around their body. The green color shows you are following a specific distance. The red color shows you are not following a specific distance.

When the cameras find people in close contact, the alarm system alerts them to maintain a specific distance. The AI system alerts the management or the security guard so they could warn them to maintain a specific distance.

Where is it used?

The alert system is being used almost everywhere. Many tech companies are currently using this system to protect their employees so that they can stay safe. Amazon is currently using it in his own company and also in the Amazon Go store.

Airports, Metro stations, offices, retail stores, schools, and even more, all are the places where organizations are using for people’s safety.


This coronavirus has caused a lot of damage, our routine has changed. But believe it or not, this is our present. We have to save ourselves in this pandemic, save our family and also save people.

Well, you know how Artificial Intelligence is helping us. We have benefited a lot due to this social distancing alert system.

Artificial intelligence is helping us in many other ways, such as how to stay safe from coronavirus disease, detecting peoples whether they are using masks all the time or not.

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