What is Google Duplex? Is it available in India

Google Duplex

Here we have an Artificial Intelligence to talk about and it is a Google Duplex. In today’s world, every technology is getting smart with the help of smart ideas. You must have heard Google Assistant because it is our part of our life. Google Assistant does some small work for us like telling time, giving information about weather, setting an alarm, after asking some questions, it shows some accurate results, and much more. Google Assistant works for the user. We command them to complete some work by just saying “Hey Google” or “Ok Google”.

Here, we have another AI project launched by Google. It is a new project and an Upgrade version of Google Assistant.

In this article, we will go on what Google Duplex is? where it is available? which devices support this feature? some live examples, and what it’s future in India?

What is Google Duplex?

Google Duplex is an Artificial Intelligence-based system. It was announced in May 2018 by Google I/O Developers. This is designed to talk to the individual user without letting them know that an AI system is talking to him.

It can talk in the same way that we humans do. We talk, like while talking to another one we use some different signs of language like Hmmm, ooooh, Hahaha, etc. If a new user talks to this system, it will feel like they are talking to any person, not an assistant. Because it will react the same sign of language that humans do.

Google Duplex can make appointments for any person, organization, or business with the help of a smartphone. When we ask any question to our assistant. The assistant replies only for one time, but Duplex can reply more than one time, like a conversation.

Google has practiced and released some videos and audios that how duplex booked a reservation for a user.

Where Google Duplex is available?

Well, this system is still developing by Google I/O developers. It is available in some states. Currently, It is available in 48 states in the US. Only seven states are remaining in the country US. Google has not given an update about duplex outside the US (India). It does not support in India currently, but trying to implement it in India. It will make a better future in India.

a screenshot image about google duplex in India

How To Use Google Duplex?

If you want to use Google Duplex, You can start by just saying “Hey Google”, “Ok Google” or long-press the Home button to make any reservation.

So, to make any reservation, you need to say to your assistant “Make me a reservation at” followed by the restaurant, hotel name.

After these all, Google will ask you to provide some details like day, time, place, party size, etc. Then Tap confirm.

an image showing how to use google duplex

Google Assistant will then confirm your bookings or reservation on the basis that you had given details. The Assistant will call the restaurant and it will book for you.

Examples of The Use of Google Duplex

Many organizations or users have tested it. There are a lot of videos available on youtube, you can see right there. One of my favorite examples is “scheduling a hair appointment” Listen to it.

If You want to listen all the audio, click the link:- Google Duplex: An AI System for Accomplishing Real-World Tasks Over the Phone


In Conclusion, Technology has become an important part of our life. We take the help of technology somewhere in our life every day. Our Assistant is one of them. It handles our morning, evening, night routine time. It has an advanced feature which makes our work even easier.

NOTE:- This feature is not currently available in India. It will be available very soon.

If you have any question, please let me know in the comment section.

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