What is the future of Internet of Things in coming years?

What we’ve seen so far, have experienced we get to know that how fast is technology developing. In how many ways can it help us? One such technology is the “Internet of Things” which is making our work even easier. So, what do you know about the Internet of things, what is the future of the Internet of Things in coming years?

If you are not familiar about the Internet of Things, then click the link below to know about IoT.

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In this article, we will get to some point and area where we will get to see what is the future of Internet of Things in the coming year.

Future of Internet of Things

In a simple language, IoT is the system of interconnected devices with embedded electronics, sensors, physical devices, and even more. It collects the data through the internet and renders to show results.

1. VUI – Voice User Interface

Voice User Interface the future of voice. You may have used Amazon Echo, Google Home, and even more. It uses Alexa, Google Assistant, and we use it to get our work done.

Well, In the coming future, due to Internet of Things it will make our work even easier. At the moment, it is still developing to do an advanced type of project.

For Instance, We use Amazon Echo, Google Home. It also has the same voice user interface. But it can perform more complex tasks compared to the smartphone’s assistant.

  • Currently, it controls your entire room like television, fan, bulb, your room status, but in the future, it would perform one step more.

It will be used very much in the coming future because people like to settle the work in shortcuts. This shows what the future of IoT is.

2. IoT using Artificial Intelligence

As we all know, Artificial Intelligence is the world’s best and weirdest invention. A lot of people are still in confusion, whether it is good or bad for us.

Well, we will talk about how good AI can be for us.

There are many things that we do in our daily lives with the help of Artificial Intelligence. But, In the coming future, Artificial Intelligence will help us using Internet of things. How?

Ok, as we all know that IoT is the network of physical devices, sensors, etc that collects data and renders some actions or results.

Now, assume that the data that has collected by Internet of Things then that data is given to AI. Now, the AI algorithm will render some useful results.

3. Smart Cities

In the coming time, our city will also use IoT. More and more cities will aspire to become a smart city so that both companies and people can save time and money.

There will be many applications and devices that will use IoT to make a city a smart city. Video cameras, surveillance systems, local stations, traffic management, waste management, electric fuel stations, and even more. With the help of all these collected data, a smart city will be formed.

For Instance, Suppose you are looking for a parking slot in a city to park your car, but you cannot find it.

Now, using Internet of Things, a smart parking system can help you a lot. It can help to save your money, time, and most important fuel. But How?

Well, using sensors, devices, and an application user can easily find where and how many parking slots are available.

4. IoT with 5G

5G is a transformational technology, and in the future, it will completely transform the network. This is going to have a major impact on the Internet of Things as it will help in transferring data much faster than 4G or other networks.

As we all know, IoT collects data to render some actions or results, and with the help of 5G, it will collect data very fast.


If I have to tell any main point about IoT, then it will be that the future of IoT is our future. All the points above you read were the points about the future of IoT, and there are also many things to know about Internet of Things, which you need to know.

A survey report says, in the coming future, about 50+ billion data will be transferred and will increase to 10+ billion IoT devices.

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