3 Examples of Artificial Intelligence in Daily Life – 2020

Artificial Intelligence claims that in the coming future, it will compete with human beings. In other words, Artificial Intelligence will rule over us. It is growing very fast in every sector like Education, Tech Industry, Medical, Science, and even more. The most important thing is that there are many technologies in which AI is helping like Machine learning, Data science, and even more. Actually, all Machine Learning is AI but all AI is not Machine learning, there are such everyday examples of artificial intelligence that make our life easier.

Examples of Artificial Intelligence in Daily Life

Here in this article, you will see some examples of Artificial Intelligence that we use in our daily working life, which has a big role here.

1. Search Engine

Whenever we have to search for something or to check someone’s profile, we search. Which search engine you use doesn’t matter. Whether it is Google search engine, Yahoo search engine, or Bing. Search engines give you accurate results that you have searched for. Yes, it is different that you cannot get all the information that you want to search for. In other words, Google also has limited information, which is indexed into it.

Now, the point is how the search engine uses AI to improve its search result. You must have noticed when you search for anything in the search engine, then before searching all your words, the search engine recommends you the list that what you want to search. In other words, it reads your mind.

The search engine uses Artificial Intelligence to improve its search result, to create ranking algorithms. Artificial intelligence is a term that has the power to change the world. Many tech companies are developing AI in the category of Strong AI and Weak AI.

2. Robotics

The robot is a very interesting, strange, and scray invention in the Artificial Intelligence sector. Why so, because many of our great personalities and scientists have said that artificial intelligence will be the greatest invention in the coming times and it can become a threat to us humans.

Artificial intelligence has a very important role in robots. To learn Artificial Intelligence, we first have to learn programming languages such as Python, and then we program through the language that we create algorithms so that it can take the decision itself. Machine Learning is also a part of AI.

Now you might be wondering how robots are in our everyday examples of artificial intelligence. Everyone is taking the help of robots now, whether it is as the employment of companies, personal assistant, welcoming you, or for surgery in hospital. Everyone is taking help. There are a lot of examples of Humanoid robots that exist in real life around us.

3. Face App

You must have used the face app when it was launched, it was very trending. Now you must be thinking that by clicking the photo in the app, it would make you old, but how is artificial intelligence included in it. This application uses machine learning algorithms to make you old. As I told you earlier, machine learning is part of artificial intelligence. In other words, Machine learning is AI.

Face App’s server holds Amazon, when you click the photo, your photo goes to its server, then machine learning algorithms work here to make you older.

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