Difference between Data Analyst and Data Scientist

If you are learning python or R, you may know about data scientist. The data scientist is one of the highest paying skills in the world and it is emerging from time to time. Another domain i.e. data analyst. It is somewhere around that field. Many people get confused regarding data science and data analytics like Which career path should they choose-data science or data analyst? what are their responsibilities in the companies? what are those skills you must need to become a data scientist or data analyst? which one of them gets the highest salary? and many more.

Here in this article, we will talk about every problem that came to your mind regarding data science and data analyst.

Why are these jobs in demand?

Before we get to dive into them. Let us understand why these jobs are high in demand? The answer is- Data. Every second we are consuming some amount of data. Today we got tons of billions of data. It is the data through which people use it to analyze and predict the market.

Even the CEOs are spending time with data scientist and data analyst and through the data, they analyse the market and knows what customers want from them, which type of business should they start?

Data Scientist

IBM predicts that by 2020, data scientist’s jobs will increase by 28%. Data scientists utilize data in different ways. Data scientists collect data from different sources and apply machine learning, sentiment analysis, predictive analysis, and extract useful information from it. They see the data from a business point of view and provide data to stakeholders to boost or excel in the business. To become a data scientist, you have to learn several skills like

  • Mathematics and Statistics
  • Proficiency in programming languages like python or R.
  • SQL database like Mysql, Oracle, MS SQL, etc.
  • Machine learning algorithms like random forest, linear regression, KNN, Decision trees, logistic regression, etc.
  • big data platforms like Hadoop, Apache Spark, etc.

Data scientist solves many problems like, how to increase sales? what type of startup should a company do? how to improve the business? what products do customers want to buy? and also What to do when your old customers are not buying your product anymore?

Data Analytics

Data analytics is the subset of the Data scientist. In other words, You can say that whatever the skills are needed to become a data analyst, the data scientist has to learn it. As you know data scientist discovers unique questions regarding innovation in the company. What data analysts do, they solve those questions. Solving those questions means data cleaning(data warehousing), perform analysis, and visualize it using data visualization tools (like tableau, powerBI, matplotlib, etc).

Data cleaning means the process of detecting corrupt and inaccurate records in the database. At last, they represent the data to the relevant stakeholders in the company. There are several skills you need to become a data analyst:-

  • Knowledge of Mathematics and Statistics
  • proficient in programming languages like python or R
  • Data visualization
  • Excel and SQL

Can a data analyst become data scientist?

You have noticed that skills required to become data scientist and data analyst are almost same. So, is there is any skill gap? YES! There is a skill level gap between them. Mainly in coding skill and statistics skill level.

Statistics used in data scientist is much higher than as compared to data analyst. You need to learn advanced statistics and math to become data scientist. You have to consider some terms like multidimensional probability distribution, gaussian models, Bayesian models, etc. And after that you have to do lots of practice through these equations and implement in problem sets.

Data science does involve coding. In coding, data scientist use popular tools like Jupyter notebook, Ipython, Rstudio(for R language). You need to be comfortable with reading other languages as well. But you don’t need to learn advanced level programming. You need to deal with some source repositories and websites whose background can be written in Java, C++ or other languages. In terms of databases, you need to learn advanced SQL also. You can go for MySQL, PostgreSQL or other.

Which one of them get paid more?

A Data scientist gets paid more than a data analyst. According to Glassdoor, In the US, the salaries of data scientists and data analysts are $113K/yr and $62,453/yr respectively. Whereas in India, the salaries are 968K/yr and 550K/yr respectively. Their salary may vary depending on the companies they work for.


A data scientist can do the work of data analyst but data analyst may not do the work of data scientist. In companies, the data analyst is the requirement to become a data scientist. If you are preparing for or want to become a data scientist or data analyst, do practice on Kaggle. Here you will get lots of datasets and get the opportunities to participate in the competition. Where you can assess yourself among the competitors.

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