Computer vision and its applications

We are surrounded by technologies. We use many applications in our smartphones, laptops but don’t know the technology behind it. You have heard the name ‘Artificial intelligence‘ that it is going to be one of the most growing technologies. Some people wonder to know that we have been using its applications for many years. There are many sub-fields of AI. One of its sub-fields is Computer vision. Computer vision is one of the most revolutionary technologies in AI. In this blog, we will describe the CV(computer vision).


One of the main roles of CV(computer vision) is to teach the computer how to identify images, faces, objects, etc. Let me make you clear, suppose you open the front camera in your smartphone, you see that camera detects your face by making a square shape around your face. How does your smartphone know where is your face in the camera? because of the CV(computer vision).

To understand how CV learns to identify faces, objects, etc. Take a look at a 3-4 yrs. child, how does he recognize objects, identify people, understand emotions, actions. That is the experience he has been looking at several things since childhood. There are thousands of images get stored in his brain which make him recognize the objects around him.

The same thing happens to Computer Vision. if we put hundreds or thousands of images in the program to train it, it will be able to recognize it. Every image is made up of no. of pixels. Each pixel assigns to a number which tells the color of the pixel. So, whenever you unlock your smartphone using face recognition, it matches the image(pixels), which is stored in your system. if it doesn’t match, the lock won’t open. Although This is the beginning of CV and it has a lot to learn.

What are its applications?

1. Self-driving car

A self-driving car doesn’t need any driver. It can drive by themselves. Even it is more secure. It can detect objects, vehicles, people, and drive according to them. This is because of the CV (computer vision). Without a CV, it can not tell the difference between a rock and crumpled paper lying on the road.

2. Drones

Drones play a big role in terms of the security and safety of the people. For example, if someone is drowning in the water, drones detect the drowning person and give an alert to the nearby rescue team.

3. Smartphones

In the last few years, many applications have come in our smartphones like face lock, Snapchat, or face app which uses computer vision to detect the face and apply filters like dog filters, cat filters, swap gender, ageing and detects your emotions like you are happy or sad etc.

4. Medical imaging

Medical imaging includes MRI, X-ray, Endoscopy, etc. Computer vision helps in MRI, surgeries and helps to diagnose the problems like a tumour or any abnormalities inside the body more clearly and in X-ray, it identifies fractures or its positions in 3-D.

5. Traffic management system

Traffic sensors at the cross-section of the road detect no. of vehicles on each road. Based on the no. of vehicles, it assigns the amount of waiting time(red signal or yellow signal) and running time(green signal).

There are many applications other than above. But we are still far from that level. This is just the first step in computer vision. Gradually, it will capture a huge part of the market.

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