Can Artificial Intelligence Be Dangerous? Truth is!

Artificial intelligence which claims that it is the future of technology. If you are interested in Artificial Intelligence then some questions related to AI must have come in your mind at some time. One question we are to discuss here is “can artificial intelligence be dangerous?”

Well, Artificial Intelligence has already provided us many beneficial tools that we all use every day around this whole world. But it cannot be said that this technology should not be misused in the future. It may be dangerous for humanity or for this world.

In this post, we will be discussing the pitfalls part of AI. But before jumping into that section, let us know what is the basic definition of artificial intelligence?

What is Artificial Intelligence?

AI(Artificial Intelligence) which is a branch of computer science, deals with the simulation of intelligence in computers, which means that it can work as human intelligence.

It aims to create a machine that can think, react, and learn in the same way as humans do. You can also say it a non-natural intelligence that would have the ability to understand, think, and become self-aware.

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Can Artificial Intelligence Be Dangerous In the Future?

Yes, (depends on how our view is?). It can be dangerous for this world. See, history is a witness to the fact that with which good things are done, bad things can also be done with that thing. In other words, Just like there are two sides of the coin, there will be two aspects of Artificial Intelligence Development too.

Well, artificial intelligence is still in the initial stage. It has not even developed much that it could lead us to great harm. But in the future, it may be a threat if we didn’t manage it properly.

The question that may have been raised in your mind is also answered by Max Tegmark, an American physicist, cosmologist, and machine learning researcher in his International Best Seller Book Life 3.O.

The question he has addressed is “What happens when humans are no longer the smartest species on the planet?” You must read this book once for sure. You can click the link below to buy it.

Most of the researchers who are in the field of AI believe that Artificial Intelligence will not be dangerous for us. But many great personalities have warned us about the danger of AI in the future.

Success in creating artificial intelligence would be the biggest event in human history. Unfortunately, it might also be the last unless we learn how to avoid the risks.

Stephen Hawking

This quote was given by a famous physicist at a conference related to Artificial Intelligence. In a conference, he explained that how AI can be a risk for humanity. And he is absolutely correct.

Examples that show AI is better than humans

As we know, AI technology needs a huge amount of information from a specific domain, so that it uses to make accurate decisions. There are many examples where businesses use AI for their implementation.

Example:- Companies use AI technology to analyze a person’s debt repayment history to decide whether to grant a loan or not. So that companies could get benefits.

Now the question is, can AI do any work better than humans? Of Course “Yes”. AI cannot do everything better than humans but at least in many things, it can perform better than humans.

Here are 5 areas or fields where AI can do better than humans. Or should I say, It is already performing better than humans?

AlphaGo (Game)

A game (Alpha Go) program that an AI plays, defeated legendary player Lee-Se-Dol in Go in 2016. Again in 2017, “Alpha Go Zero” beat the old “Alpha Go” 100 times in a row. The most interesting fact that will surprise you is that whenever we run an AI program, for this we give it lots of data. But this is not the case with Alpha Zero.

In order to learn how to play the game of go, it learns itself using a neural network. The Alpha Go Zero uses no human-generated data. Not only the alpha go but there are many games that an AI plays like Jeopardy, poker, Hide and Seek game designed by openAI.

Translate in Many Languages

In today’s era, an AI program can translate one language into almost any language. And this language translation feature we use often in our daily life, without knowing that the algorithm behind it is an Artificial Intelligence.

Google Translate is by far the most used product. We always use it to translate one language into another using texting, speech-to-text, and pics-to-text. google duplex and translatoron , the version of google translate, that would perform continuous speech to speech translation without even using any text.

5 Dangers of Artificial Intelligence

In today’s world, we are only experiencing narrow AI or weak AI, a version of artificial intelligence. Whether it is google assistant or self-driving cars. But our AI researchers aim to create AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) or strong AI. Well AGI would perform nearly every task that humans do.

But in addition to creating such intelligence, the question also arises that AI is a threat to us. Lets look at some dangers of Artificial Intelligence.

Autonomous Weapon

The AI Program, that can be programmed to do something devastating. An autonomous Weapon is one such AI system that is programmed to kill. If this weapon falls in the wrong hands, then destruction is sure.

Well, today almost every country are developing this autonomous weapon for their own purpose. One fact you should know. A statement by a senior executive at a Chinese defense firm said that future wars would not be fought by humans, rather one autonomous weapon will fight the other.


The dangerous part of deepfake technology is tricking people into believing that someone has said or done something. It is not strange, suppose you have a video that is of your own people and he has said something that he has never said. Well, by using this technique you can be betrayed in many ways like blackmail and more.

Using deep learning and artificial intelligence, a similar video was created by MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) in which the former President of America Barack Obama is giving a speech on Introduction to Deep Learning, which is not even real.

Privacy Violations

Privacy, this is a big thing and very important for a person who values their privacy a lot. But today everyone’s privacy is no more private. Using Artificial Intelligence, It’s not personal anymore. For every tech company, It has become possible to track you easily. What you do all day, your interest, and more.

The latest technologies such as facial recognition that you can easily find you even in crowded places with the help of a camera. Because he has all your data.

Solutions to overcome the risk of AI

Along with the benefits of artificial intelligence, Ricks is also too much. Today, most of the work is done by a machine or robot rather than a human being. Due to which slowly jobs are getting over for humans.

Well, humans should be more creative, they should have more interest in their work. Because this is the only reason, where robots or humans are doing a job where humans should be. Only then will we be able to keep up with the changing times.

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In the future, AI will become very powerful if it ever develops AGI (Artificial General Intelligence). The strangest fact of AI technology, The computer scientists who design an AI program, even they don’t know exactly how they are doing it? or how they are learning? Now that we will not be able to know how an AI program is learning, then we will not be able to control it.

Its only solution is that, If something does go wrong then we should have a very sophisticated simple feature to turn it off. In other words, we should have options to get the system back on track.

That’s all, after reading this article you may have understood that how can artificial intelligence be dangerous for us and how to overcome from the risk of AI. If you have any questions, put on your comment section.

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  1. I loved that this article covered the dangers of AI from all angles, and was unbiased. I particularly like the solution you proposed: “If something does go wrong then we should have a very sophisticated simple feature to turn it off.” I 100% agree, although I think it would need some regulation from governments to make AI companies comply with that.

    1. Thank You for loving this article.
      Yes, you have given the right advice. This can be the solution. Governments should make some regulations regarding AI so that we can overcome the risk of AI.

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