Best Python Text Editors To Choose For Practice

Early programmers have a lot of confusion related to programming. Such as confusion about which language to choose, which equipment to use, and the best python text editors to practice. A programmer needs the best text editor to run his code.

Well, there are so many options are out there on the internet and that’s why we have so much difficulty in choosing the best text editor.

Today in this article, we will explore what is a text editor? What are the best python text editors to choose for practice? what are their Pros and Cons? The most thing, what text editor should I use for python?

What is Text Editor?

The text editor is an editor where you can edit your plain text. In other words, It is a computer program to edit plain text files with some extra features like syntax highlighting and some useful extensions.

The kind of code that every programmer writes is using the text editor itself, whether it is just a text editor or a code editor. You cannot edit or delete a character without a text editor environment in any software. Some text editors have IDE features and some do not.

Best Python Text Editors To Choose For Practice

Here in this article, you will get 6 best text editor and you can choose any one for you python programming. So here we start.

1. Microsoft Visual Studio Code (VS Code)

Website:- , Type:- Beginners, Professional, Free

python text editor - vs code

This text editor was designed by Microsoft. This text editor is quite popular compared to all other editors and is also recommended by top-level programmers. This VS code is totally free and open-source IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for everyone.

Most python developers love this text editors because it has lots of extensions to use and packed with powerful features. This is why it is very popular among the other python text editor.

It has some pros and cons you need to know. These are based on reviews.


  • Easy to install to your system and available on every platform.
  • It is totally clean and supports many themes of code.


  • The device gets heated up if you use it continuously for a long time (many hours).
  • It consumes a lot of battery.

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2. Notepad++

Website:- , Type:- Beginners, Free

best python text editors - notepad++

Notepad++ is another best python text editors to use. This software is included with windows. If it is not in your system then you can download it from the link above.

In the present era, ever since the Python programming language became popular due to Artificial Intelligence Technology, Data Science Technology, many text editors came to the fore. Notepad ++ is one of those popular text editors. It does not ask you to pay for anything. Well, it is better than the VS code in terms of computing power.

It has some pros and cons you need to know. These are based on reviews.


  • It comes with a compact package with zero fees.
  • It does not consume much battery among other text editors.
  • You can translate Notepad++ into your native language.
  • It provides you plugins to improve your text editors.
  • Easier to understand.


  • Well, You may assume this the best python text editor for windows. But it only works in windows.
  • It does not Include IDE (Integrated Development Environment) features.

3. Sublime Text

Website:-, Type:- Beginners, Free + Premium

best python text editors - sublime text

Sublime text is another popular text editor developed by Sublime HQ. It has many versions but the most popular is sublime text 3. It supports many languages but it is popular with the python programming language. So, after installing this software it comes with built-in support for python programming language. This sublime text supports Windows, Linux and Mac also.

It has some pros and cons you need to know. These are based on reviews.


  • It is easy to use and provides you many preferences.
  • It has a great community platform, fast and highly customizable.
  • This Sublime Text is written in c++ and python.
  • “Goto Anything” this feature helps you to save your time.


  • Sublime Text is not totally free. After some time it would ask you for a subscription.

4. Vim

Website:- , Type:- Professional, Free

Vim is another text editor you can use for your python programming language. It is one of the oldest text editors on the internet. It was created in 1991. The most interesting thing is that despite being so old, Vim is still used or preferred by developers.

This text editor is pre-installed in the system macOS and Linux. If you want to use it in windows you need to install this software.

It has some pros and cons you need to know. These are based on reviews.


  • It is lightweight and very efficient once you get familiar with it.
  • Fast Editing
  • No need for a mouse
  • It has an online community, where you can learn more about your skills.


  • Vim is the hardest program to learn and completely different from other editors.
  • It has too many options (overwhelming).

5. Atom

Website:- , Type:- Beginner + Professional, Free

best python text editors - atom

Atom is an open-source editor, where you can try it for practice. It is quite similar to the sublime text. Atom editor is built by the GitHub team. This software is available on all platforms (macOS, Windows, Linux).

It has some pros and cons you need to know. These are based on reviews.


  • Sublime Text has some amazing plugin library which will be easy for you to use.
  • It has a smart auto-completion feature which is great for you.
  • Easy to use
  • It has Git & FTP Integration.


  • Lack of Performance
  • After installing too many packages, your system may tend to slow.

6. TextMate

Website:- , Type:- Beginner + Professional, Free + Premium

TextMate image for macOS

In the world of text editors, TextMate is another editor that is popular among developers. This text editor has very amazing features that you are gonna love if you try. But one thing to note is that TextMate Editor is only for macOS.

You can download TextMate from the link above (macOS users). It is free but also provides you a premium feature and both versions are amazing. If you are a python developer, it can be the best python text editor for you on mac.

It has some pros and cons you need to know. These are based on reviews.


  • With a clean interface, it is a very lightweight editor.
  • The code completion feature is amazing.
  • It can open your text file faster than others.


  • Updates are very few and far.

What text editor should I use for Python?

Well, all the text editors you have read above are all the best in themselves. But if you are having trouble choosing the best one, then VS code is the best.

By the way, this decision is your own, but why the VS Code is best for you, you can see the picture below. Many developers like the VS Code and also recommend us to use it.

most popular development environment

Here you can see the survey by StackOverflow about the most popular development tools that which is the best python text editors. Here Visual Studio Code is on the top. Now it’s your turn to choose the best python text editors.

That’s all here, I hope you liked the article. If you liked it, please share this with everyone. If you have any questions regarding the best python text editors, tell me in the comment section.

Thank You.