What exactly is Augmented Reality and its Applications

Augmented Reality and its Applications, As we people know that technology is growing very fast. Day by day we keep hearing about some new technology in the market. Augmented reality is one of the top technology, which changed the way we look at the world. Perhaps you have heard about it for the first time. What is does?, it puts virtual(nonrealistic) things in the real world. Many applications are being used in the market. You have heard about the famous app Pokemon Go. It has AR(augmented reality) features that enable Pokemon (virtual thing) to enter our environment where we have to find them. In the movie Spiderman: far from home, E.D.I.T.H. sunglasses used by Peter Parker is an Augmented reality security and defense system.

Augmented Reality

At first, Gaming companies use AR. Today AR is more than just games. It is about looking out the world. It has adopted by many sectors. With AR, you can interact with stuff right in front of you as if it was in the room. You kind of manipulate it and it creates a new environment around you.

Don’t be confused with virtual reality, both are different. In VR, you need a headset to use it. It gives you such an experience that shuts out the physical world. You see everything in the virtual world. Currently, the adoption rate of VR is slower than AR. Not every people can afford a VR headset. For AR, the only thing you need is a smartphone.

According to the survey by Statista research development, China is going to spend the most on AR/VR technologies in 2020 with a project of 5.8 billion dollars. Total AR/VR spending worldwide is projected to amount to 18.8 billion dollars in 2020.

AR Applications

1. Snapchat

If you have used Snapchat, then you are already using AR. It is a messaging app. The various face filters are all AR-based. What Snapchat does is that it presents a layer of reality over reality.

2. Volkswagen AR

An automobile company Volkswagen developed this app to work with customers more efficiently. It provides a real-time augmented reality implementation of how to repair your car without a mechanic.

3. Google translate

Every country has its own native language. It is hard for a person to speak and understand every language. Looking at these things, Google launched an app ‘Google Translator’ which translates any language to others. It uses the AR feature ‘word lens’ which identifies and translates any content on photos and videos.

4. IKEA Place

IKEA, a furniture retail company, has started an AR app IKEA Place. In this app, if you want to buy any furniture and you don’t have any idea like which one to choose, it will suit my room or not? Through this app, you can place your desired furniture virtually in any place you want to check it.

5. Doodlelens

You might have heard about the Doodlelens app. What is does is that it captures your flat sketchpad scribbles and turns it into 3D AR characters, scenes.

Sectors using AR


AR helps doctors to diagnose, treat, and perform surgery to their patients more precisely by providing them access to patient’s data quickly and provide education to the trainee to visualize health problems in 3D to understand better. It helps people with paralyzed limbs and people in shock to walk again by visualizing their feet step and recreate them.

Defense and security

AR in defense is mostly used in training. It helps to train the military by providing them in a virtual combat situation where they learn without injury. During bomb disposal, AR helps squads to neutralize it to get rid of the explosion.


Since the last few years, AR is available in smartphones for navigation purposes. Suppose you want to go outside for shopping but you don’t know the way. Here AR on google maps show you the way seeing through the camera. AR will show you the direction over the reality around you. But it doesn’t work at night due to the dark environment.


AR in education helps students to interact with their lessons by visualizing the concepts in 3D models and give them a wider understanding of the concepts.


AR was first introduced in the game Pokemon Go. But Today many games are being made by using Augmented reality to get interaction and engagement from customers.

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