11 New Artificial Intelligence Pros and Cons to Know


Artificial intelligence is now going to happen in the real world as we see in science fiction films. Many top tech companies are investing heavily in artificial intelligence research. AI technology will change the way of doing every work happening in this world.

You get some work done using artificial intelligence every day. But after all this, we start thinking about, what are the pros and cons of Artificial Intelligence. In other words, Advantages, and Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence.

Today in this article, we will explore such major pros and cons of Artificial Intelligence. How these pros and cons of Artificial Intelligence affecting your life. Before getting to know the pros and cons of Artificial Intelligence, let us know what exactly is Artificial Intelligence?

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is the branch of Computer Science that aims to create a machine that can think, reach, and learn in the same way as humans do. You can also say it a non-natural intelligence that would have the ability to understand, think, and become self-aware.

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1. Great Decision Making

AI Machines can take a better decision in comparison to humans. Why this, because we humans bring our emotions in every decision, in every thought. Because of which we are sometimes unable to make great decisions.

But here in the case of artificial intelligence machines, because of no emotions, they are able to make great decisions. Even they would not take much time to decide anything.

There are many examples around us that prove that an AI has great decision making. In healthcare, AI algorithms help doctors to reach a diagnosis, x-ray vision, etc.

AI also helps humans to make decisions. It also helps cops to reduce crimes using the advanced camera embed with AI algorithms.

2. Less amount of Error

If the code is written properly, the AI algorithms would work well. Artificial Intelligence would have a very less amount of error. Then, it would work accurately, in a timely and render the solution successfully.

3. Can work 24*7 with no breaks

There is no doubt that AI machines, robots can do much more work than we humans. We humans cannot work continuously, we need a break at a particular point during work.

But there is no such problem in the case of artificial intelligence. He does not need any break at any time. The Engineers program them to work for a long period of time with more accuracy and fast.

As compared to humans, machines do not get even tired. From this pros of Artificial Intelligence make a major benefit for tech companies.

There are many companies that are using AI robots like, smartphone manufacturing companies, automobile companies, etc. They are also benefitting a lot from all this technology.

4. Use of Digital Assistant

So far, we have used digital assistants to get information, to communicate, and to find solutions to some problems. Digital Assistant reduces our Efforts in many ways.

Now, in the coming time, AI Assistant will also do your advanced level projects very easily. One such technology exists among us, that is GOOGLE DUPLEX. Google Duplex can make appointments, book your flying tickets easily if you provide them the right information.

5. Detects Fraud

AI technology has a strong ability to detects any fraud. There may be a slight mistake in detecting fraud from a person, but not with artificial intelligence technology.

Many tech companies are making this technology using machine learning techniques that detect fraud easily. Such frauds like Bank Fraud, Credit card fraud, Transaction fraud, insurance claims, etc. Currently, AI technology is detecting these all kinds of fraud among us.

6. Can work in risky situations

Some situations where humans raise their hands because of fear, emotions. But in the case of Artificial Intelligence, the machines that are programmed(defined algorithms) to do, they do.

There are many situations where human survival becomes difficult, actually, AI technology is used there. Such are, discovering life possibilities on mars.

Still, humans cannot go there, but the company sent a rover that is fully equipped with technology. Artificial Intelligence is also used to study the ocean floor, where humans face difficulties to do.

7. Saves companies monthly income

As we told you before that some industries like automobile, healthcare, the smartphone industry use robots to get their work done. So the need of humans ends at that place.

Now when humans will not work, then who will give the company a monthly salary? Apply money only once in robots and avoid giving monthly salary for a long period of time to humans.


1. High Cost

Making machines, implementing their features, rebuild tons of machines and the main thing is repairing, these all things can cost very high for companies.

It is one of the cons of Artificial Intelligence. Robotics repair takes time, and here humans need to fix it and it will cost more money and resources.

2. Fear of job loses

Whenever there is talk of artificial intelligence, a question always arises that “Will Artificial Intelligence finish the job of humans, is our job in danger”.

Okay, this is the perfect question, if you look around in the present era, there are many areas where machines, robots are working, where humans need to do.

In the coming years, Amazon, which is a very big tech company, will deliver its products with the help of drones. Think how many people will be unemployed if it is launched completely.

3. Humans will be completely dependent on AI

As technology is developing, the need of Humans is slowly ending from everywhere. Industrialists prefer to work with machines and robots rather than Humans.

Today, the way people spend most of their time on smartphones, it seems that in the coming time, humans can become fully dependent on AI and lose their mental capabilities.

4. Lead to Destruction

Robotic machines can easily lead to destruction if put in the wrong hands. You must have seen such situations many times in Artificial Intelligence movies. Enthiran movie(2010), where some people use a robot to do the wrong work by putting a red chip.

Avengers: Age of Ultron movie, where Ultron, an Artificial Intelligence robot, realizes that the malfunction in the world is due to the Avengers, and then Ultron prepares to destroy the whole world.


So these are the pros and cons of Artificial Intelligence you just need to know if you have a curiosity about learning Artificial Intelligence. But there is one thing that Artificial Intelligence has more pros than cons. And this is what attracts us to artificial intelligence technology.

I hope you liked this article. If you know any other Advantages and disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence then let us know in the comment section.

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